[Free Download] Andrew Giorgi – Walmart and Amazon Dropshipping Course

Andrew Giorgi - Walmart and Amazon Dropshipping Course

This course will educate you EVERYTHING you must learn about constructing and rising an Amazon Drop-delivery Enterprise from A-Z.

This course is made for people who find themselves COMPLETE BEGINNERS who know nothing about Amazon to somebody who’s trying to study the entire small particulars and methods I exploit to run my enterprise.

I’ve compiled all of my information that I’ve discovered from promoting on Amazon and drop delivery on Amazon into this course. There may be the entire ideas and methods on the best way to run a extra EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT enterprise. I present you ALL of my Buyer Service Templates together with my Orders Spreadsheet that’s pre-made and comprises formulation that will help you effectively run your online business and have you ever merely plug in numbers and names of merchandise.

Additionally, I present to you different spreadsheets that I’ve created that can assist you to run and handle your online business rather more EFFICIENTLY. I present instruments on this course that I exploit that NO OTHER course available on the market talks about and present you issues that nobody speaks about. Take this chance to start out your journey to monetary freedom and ULTIMATE FREEDOM.

What To Expect From Walmart Dropshipping University

Can you imagine making over $10,000 in PROFIT your first 2 months of Walmart Dropshipping? This is exactly what I have done and can teach you EXACTLY how to replicate my results in this Walmart Dropshipping Course. This course will teach you EVERYTHING from A-Z on how to dropship on Walmart.
Walmart Dropshipping Course Overview

Walmart Dropshipping University is not only going to be giving you the EXACT strategies that I use in my business in order to achieve the results you seen above, but so much more you’ll need in order to be successful.

Walmart Dropshipping University will also give you all of the tools necessary in order to be successful. You will obtain access to the Walmart Account Approval Team that I have partnered with. They will assist you in getting your Walmart Account opened and approved on the first try! The approval team works with over 10 automation services and has opened over 400+ Walmart Accounts for people just like yourself.

Walmart Dropshipping University will introduce you to a tax exemption service. I have been working with this team for over a year. I guarantee you that they will make the ENTIRE process of obtaining resale certificates and applying for Amazon’s Tax Exemption Program SEAMLESS and HANDS OFF!
Walmart Dropshipping Course Preview
Getting Started

The Opportunity At Your Fingertips(3:45)
Join The Facebook Group(1:18)

Applying For a Walmart Account

Who To Contact In Fb Group For Walmart Account Approval.(0:38)
What You Need For Before Speaking To Approval Service(2:36)
Updated Price For Walmart Approval Service(0:54)

Setting Up The Walmart Account Once Approved

Completing The On-Boarding Checklist(4:57)
How To Complete Manage Inventory on On-Boarding Checklist(1:43)
How To Obtain API Keys for Walmart Store(1:20)

Software Set-Up

Inventory Management Software Set Up – UPDATE(2:48)
How To Connect Informed.co To Walmart(3:52)
Software To Swap TBA Tracking Numbers – UPDATE(2:13)
How To Install OA Gravity(5:00)New Repricing Strategy – UPDATE(6:09)

Account Metrics

How To Change Handling Time(3:17)
Overview of Seller Scorecard & Performance Section(13:56)
Explaining Payout System & Spreadsheets(3:47)
Overview of Trust and Safety Section(3:47)
What can get your account Suspended(1:43)

Setting Up Amazon Buying Account

Creating Your Prime Account(4:54)
Why We Create Multiple Accounts(3:29)
How To Become Tax Exempt on Amazon Prime Buying Account(4:05)
Strategy To Mitigate Risk of Amazon Prime Account(2:09)
What Happens If Amazon Removes Prime Eligibility From Your Account – UPDATE(5:16)

Product Research

How To Do Walmart Product Research(10:12)
High Ticket Product Research Strategy – UPDATE(3:21)
Listing Your Products

How To List Products in Bulk With Inventory Management Software – UPDATE(3:38)

Order Fulfillment

How To Fulfill An Order(2:12)
How To Fill Out Order Fulfillment Sheet(2:59)
How To Upload TBA Converted Tracking Numbers(3:39)

Customer Service

Overview of Walmart Customer Service Templates(1:27)
How To Deal With Order Cancellation(1:51)
How To Deal With OOS Orders(4:33)
How To Handle Returns(3:00)
Secret To Getting Customers To Respond(2:52)

Extra Tips

My Daily Routine(2:20)
How To Scale and Automate Your Store(4:42)
How To Slow Sales Down – UPDATE(1:54)

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