[Free Download] Harmon Brothers – The Launch Course

Harmon Brothers - The Launch Course

Learn The 15 Ad Formulas That Will Produce Sales Almost Instantly
Don’t waste your time and money guessing. The Easy Ads That Sell Challenge is the perfect starting point for creating quick, cheap ads that drive serious results. You’ll learn:
  • Nail your messaging for your product or service
  • The Explainer Testimonial Ad Formula
  • The Customer Journey Ad Formula
  • The Tipping Point Ad Formula
  • The FAQ Video Ad Formula
  • The Litmus Test Ad Formula
  • + 10 more of our top-performing ad formulas
By the end of the Easy Ads That Sell course, you’ll have 15+ solid ads—using the same formulas that have netted millions of dollars in sales for our own clients.
These ads are cheap and easy to create, many can be done in just a couple of hours for less than $200, and with info and footage you already have.
If you’re looking to boost your online sales, extend the life of your creative assets, and generate results without breaking the bank, start here!
  • ​Private Facebook Group Access
  • No monthly fees, lifetime access
  • 5 Workbooks
  • Email Templates, Talent Release Form, Research Document, and more!

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