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High Ticket Coaching Academy

“I quit my job and made £4000 in my first month…”

What was life like before?

I thought that when I qualified as a Hypnotherapist all I would have to do is tell people and there would be a queue at my door! That didn’t happen!

I didn’t have a clue how I was going to get enough clients continuously to make my salary.

I was still working full time and I only had a couple of hypnotherapy clients. I felt embarrassed to ask for £60 for a 90min session!

Did you have any reservations about investing?

I was terrified about about taking on another financial commitment especially as I’m up to my neck in debt. How did I overcome it? I bawled my eyes out and then signed up!

Whats changed since coaching with Lucy and the team?

I Did Whatever It Took to make it happen I worked my butt off and I took £4,000 a month!

It is incredible. The support in the program is first class. Having accountability keeps driving you and makes a huge difference too.

I’ve now handed in my notice and given the company 6 months notice on the agreement of reducing to a 3 day week and I feel very confident that I’ll smash the £20k shortfall.

Whats your best advice for others?

It is a shit scary decision but honestly this will change your life! Just Do It!

David M- Hypnotherapist

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