[Free Download] James Lee – Automated Income-Money Making Automations for Gumroad Creators & Affiliates

James Lee - Automated Income-Money Making Automations for Gumroad Creators & Affiliates

Gumroad is one of the top platforms available for creators to easily sell their digital products. It also has a built-in affiliate program that is a favorite among affiliate marketers.

Unfortunately, Gumroad lacks a lot of the advanced tools and standard integrations that other more expensive platforms offer.

As an affiliate marketer, Gumroad creator, and notorious cheapskate I set out to bridge this gap using totally free software.

Anytime I found myself saying "I wish Gumroad did this", I tried to create a free (or inexpensive) solution myself.

This course is not only an advanced video walkthrough of all the automated solutions I use on a daily basis to run my Gumroad digital product and affiliate marketing business but it's also a masterclass that will teach you all of the skills necessary to create any automation your brain comes up with.

I will show you the exact tool stack and processes I use to run my digital products business that has made $22k over the last 9 months ($5k last month alone)!!!

Who this course is for:

Automated Income is a must for any creator and/or affiliate who uses the Gumroad platform.

Creators will benefit from being able to save time and increase potential revenue by seamlessly integrating Gumroad with 3rd party solutions to run their digital products business.

As an affiliate, I will reveal a TOP SECRET automation that will give you an insane edge over the sea of other affiliates you are competing with on a daily basis (I promise you no one else is using this).

Whether you are an affiliate/creator who already has a grasp on the basics or an aspiring side hustler who just wants to start out ahead of the rest of the pack, this course will show you how to quickly skip the line and start making more money with less effort.

What this course isn't:

This is not your basic run-of-the-mill Twitter Gumroad marketing course. It won't teach you how and when to post sales tweets or close deals in the DMs. There are plenty of courses out there that can show you the same standard tricks and tactics everyone else is using.

This isn't one of those courses.

You will learn how to:

✅ Take advantage of the tools and processes that I use to run my successful Gumroad business

✅ Create advanced automations using a free and more powerful alternative to Zapier (Save yourself $348 PER YEAR)

✅ Set up webhooks inside of Gumroad

✅ Integrate Gumroad with whatever autoresponder you choose (Not just limited to their native Convertkit and Drip integrations)

✅ Gain instant access to 30+ points of data from each Gumroad sale

💰 Deploy a TOP SECRET affiliate automation that will put you miles ahead of your competitors (This automation are worth the price of the entire course alone)

What you get:

When you purchase Automated Income you will receive full video tutorials as well as an automation cheatsheet PDF.

I also provide lifetime updates, so anytime I develop or find a new automation in the future, I'll create a video overview and add it to this course. This way you always have access to the same exact tricks that I do.

If you upgrade to the Bundle Version you will also receive 3 ADDITIONAL BONUSES:

BONUS #1: Twitter Automation Domination

Included in the Bundle Version of Automated Income is a full video walkthrough of how to automate your Twitter account for maximum results. Whether you are a creator or affiliate I am going to show you how to use automation to unlock hidden money from your followers.

BONUS #2: Discord Community Secrets

One of the most profitable ways to connect with your buyers is to offer more intimate access through an online community. Even if you are only an affiliate marketer, having your own private community can help position you as an expert who people want to buy from again and again.

As a bonus, I'm going to pull back the curtain and show you exactly how I set up, automate and run my private Discord community "ATM Mastermind".

BONUS #3: Upgraded 60% Commission Rate

My affiliates usually start out earning 50% commission. However, if you purchase the Bundle Version you will be able to promote Automated Income and receive 60% commission on all of your sales.

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