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Kale and Taylor - Nine University 2.0

In case you’re thinking it…

It’s NOT to get as many 5-star reviews as possible.

Or to get your product ranked on the first page of listings.

Or even to source the best quality products at the highest margins.

‘Cause while these just might be the extra firepower you need to multiply your sales… they’re not *the thing* that will keep your profit-generating machine firing at full tilt.

The thing is:

Unless you’ve designed your business to handle massive scale, without you having to babysit EVERY SINGLE stage of the process…

Your idea of freedom will become nothing but a fading memory — a distant dream you once had…

Because you’ll have to burn your body to a charcoaled crisp JUST to turn a pocket-sized profit.
Here’s why you NEED a scalable business with STAYING POWER…

You’ve probably heard that the best way to leverage your time is to sell a product, one that customers can buy from you over and over again.

So, you start your Amazon FBA journey pumped all the way up, and with every expectation that you’ll at least replace your 9-5 income.

You watch A TON of Youtube videos, follow the hot shot Amazon gurus who appear to be raking in the most dough…

All the while, never knowing who’s legit or not… who’s got your best interest at heart or not… and what ‘magic bullet’ strategy will work this time around.

But STILL, you manage to get through the first phase…

After weeks (possibly months) of research, you select your product. Source it. And put in hundreds of hours to get it to market.

It’s about time these sales come rollin’ in, right?

HUNDREDS of folks — less skilled, less dedicated, and with less integrity than you — are milking this ‘Amazon FBA thing’ for all it’s worth…

Is there any reason you shouldn’t be doing the same?

Having built a multiple 7-figure Amazon business in a few short months, here’s how we see it:

✔️ If you’re going to leverage your most critical resource — your time…

You deserve to put it into something that is guaranteed to pay off, not just today, or tomorrow, but years down the line.

✔️ If you’re going to entrust someone to instruct you on the right path…

You have EVERY right to expect the people who call themselves teachers, coaches, and mentors to know EXACTLY what they’re talking about. To have the most up-to-date, “what will move the needle for me now” kinda information. And they sure as heck should have accomplished it themselves.

✔️AND, if you’re going to hinge your financial freedom and the wellbeing of your loved ones on a business plan…

You should at the very least have a proven, end-to-end, and up-to-date process that will get you RESULTS without the costly mistakes, time-suck, and stress.

Here’s a breakdown of the content schedule:

Week One – The Foundational Bedrock of Amazon FBA

Week Two – 7 Figure Product / Brand Research

Week Three – Crafting the Perfect Product with an Elite Supplier

Week Four – Shipping to Amazon Without Hassle

Week Five – Creating a Listing that Sells on Autopilot

Week Six – Going from “A” Product to “THE” Product

Week Seven – Elite PPC Launching + Robotic Growth

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