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Reforge.com - Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Drive compounding growth for your organization by learning to define and execute strategies across the marketing domains of brand, product, and growth marketing.

Discover how to inform your brand strategy and distribution, bring your products to market, and explore the key functions of growth marketing that can improve acquisition, retention, and monetization.

This program is designed for experienced marketers and marketing leaders seeking a primer on the marketing domains of brand, product, and growth. If you previously completed Marketing Strategy, we recommend enrolling in this revamped program.

Meet the Creator

John Russ

Former Global Head of Marketing at Coinbase; Formerly Zapier, NerdWallet, Google, BCG, Conagra, General Mills, and Unilever

Course Breakdown

Who is this for?

Marketers leading teams within or across brand marketing, product marketing, and growth marketing.

Course Goal

Learn how to drive compounding business impact with an integrated marketing strategy.

Topics Covered

Brand Marketing

Learn how to build the foundation of your brand marketing strategy. From brand identity to governance and distribution, you'll explore the brand marketing wheel.

Product Marketing

Deepen your understanding of the four phases of product marketing. We'll cover market analysis, merchandising, go-to-market, and post launch.

Growth Marketing

Growth marketing powers growth loops. We'll dive into channel strategy, channel prioritization, metrics, and measurement.

Executing Your Cross-Domain Strategy

How do you execute across brand, product, and growth marketing? Learn how to build an investment thesis and identify when to re-evaluate your strategy.

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