[Free Download] Charles Floate – SEO Side Hustle 2.0

Charles Floate - SEO Side Hustle 2.0

“The experts” make SEO look like a mystic mix of maths, magic and computer science. They know that the more difficult people think SEO is, the more people will stay away--and the more people who stay away means more money, control and clients for them.

Sure, it’s a scarcity-based mindset but it works.

How Do I Know?

Because whenever guys talk about making money online, they mention:

  • Copywriting
  • Facebook ads
  • Email marketing
  • Dropshipping

But they never talk about search engine optimization--a location independent skill with average yearly earnings of $81,000 dollars. And that’s just if you’re average.

If you learn SEO the right way from the right people, it’s an easy 6 figure income as a freelancer and even more if you use it to build up multiple websites that will be cash producing assets for as long as you live.

Who Am I & What Do I Know About SEO?

I’m Charles Floate and I learned this game from the ground up.

I started doing SEO in the UK over 10 years ago. I started out managing a website for my mom to keep her from getting hustled for a lot of money by some “SEO expert”. Since then, I’ve done SEO all over the world and now I reside in Chiang Mai, Thailand--The SEO capital of the world.

From here I’ve built a reputation as one of the best big-budget SEOs in the world. I also specialize in black hat SEO tactics--a very lucrative but dangerous game to play in the world of search engine traffic. However, I played it well enough to:

  • Train and developed several self-employed SEOs who work from wherever they want to in the world (James Gregory, Rohit Palit, Jack Vivian & others!)
  • Been part of and directed hundreds of successful SEO campaigns
  • Worked with hundreds of businesses to increase their international traffic and revenue

There are worse people you could learn SEO from who would charge you a LOT more, but few who are better than me and would charge this amount.

The reality is this:

With how much you’ll learn, how many skills you’ll develop, and how much money you’ll make, making this guide only $89 is a steal.

What Exactly Is SEO & How Can It Change Your Life?

This isn't some get-rich-quick scheme that’s going to make you a millionaire with only 4 hours of work per week while you’re chilling on the beach.

You'll need to do some work--after all, nothing worth having comes *that* easy--but the SEO Side Hustle will guide you through all the things that your future competitors try to make complicated.

But Most Importantly, You WILL Learn How To Make Money

If you follow the exact instructions in this guide, it’s impossible for you not to have an asset that makes you at least $1000/month. That may not sound like much, but that’s a passive income generating asset that you get from just following instructions.

In fact, if you just follow the instructions laid out in the SEO Side Hustle guide, there’s no reason why you can’t create a website that generates more than that, but that you can eventually sell for 26-28x that amount.

Yes, it really is as simple as following the instructions in the SEO hustle guide to get started making money online in the most underrated way possible.

Could You Figure This Out On Your Own?


The information in this guide isn't a collection of top secret tricks that only a few blackhat wizards and internet millionaires know. It’s available all over the internet. The problem is that it’s mixed in with a lot of information that’s:

  • Outdated - Google is constantly rolling out updates. What worked even 6 months ago has changed. I’ll teach how to detect and adapt to any changes in the search algorithm.
  • Incorrect - A lot of people will try something once, get a result, but they can’t replicate it. Still, because they want to sound like an expert and take your money, they put it out there. This is why it’s important to learn from professionals with over a decade in the SEO game.
  • Scattered - Not only is this information scattered around the internet, even if you were to spend all of your valuable time looking for it, you don’t know how to best make it work together to give you the best returns and generate maximum traffic and profit.
  • Dangerous - There are a lot of tricks that will get you traffic and boost your sites ranking--but only until Google catches you. “Black hat SEO” is top level stuff and if used by people with no experience, it will get their site buried by Google--the exact opposite of what you’re trying to do.

I know what works and what doesn’t because I’ve spent the last decade making several million dollars from SEO. But I started out knowing nothing.

Fortunately, you won’t have to spend years stumbling over all the nonsense out there and trying to piece it together.

Your Active Work Will Become Passive Income!

You’ll also learn how to take things to the next level by scaling your successful site.

I teach you how to take your money making website to new heights by expanding it to hundreds--even thousands--of pages in the most efficient way possible.

When you do this right scale out more sites to dominate your niche and the entire first page of Google for multiple money-making keywords...

Who Is The SEO Side Hustle For Then?

  • If you’re a beginner, this guide will get you started so you don’t waste time and money chasing worthless ideas.
  • If you work at an SEO agency and you're looking to build your website portfolio to get paid, this will teach how to do this without their support.
  • If you already have a few websites of your own, this will teach you how to generate substantially more monthly traffic and make more money from it.

Or maybe you’re none of the above.

You have no clue what SEO is. You just stumbled across this page, you’re curious now, and you need an A to Z course on how to take advantage of the most underrated way to make money online.

What Will You Learn From SEO Side Hustle?

I’m going to teach you how to:

  • Find GOLD MINE Niches With High Demand And Low Competition. This is the key to starting your SEO business, choosing a profitable niche that will generate you traffic & revenue fast!
  • Choose The Perfect Domain Name For Your Site. If you choose the right domain name, it becomes a LOT easier to rank high in search engine results for your niche.
  • Find Reputable Products In The Affiliate Market. It’s not just a matter of finding a good product that sells. You also need to know if it’s right for you and if they actually pay. I’ll teach you how to find all that out and more.
  • Easily And Consistently Create Content. We all know that the right content will bring more traffic to your site, but I not only teach you how to create it, but how to do it quickly.
  • Use Little Tricks To Optimize Your Site. Google HATES old content and is always looking for a new angle on an old subject. I’ll show you how to always be that new angle without having to rewrite your content and redo your entire site.
  • Design Your Sites To Convert Like CRAZY. I’ll show simple design tricks you can do with the visuals of your site to make people subscribe, enrol, buy or signup. Any action you want them to take, this part of the guide teaches you how to design your site to do JUST that.
  • Get FREE Niche Relevant Backlinks. Quality backlinks are the lifeblood of your website’s ranking on Google and will determine how much traffic you get. I show you what I’ve learned about getting people to link to your site--without spending a dime.
  • Scale Your Site & Build A Portfolio For Cheap. After you’ve had your first success, you need to learn how to repeat it and put it on display so you can build multiple streams of revenue.
  • Increase Your Website Value With Ease. There are some simple things you can do right now that would drive more traffic to your website and make you more money, they just aren't very known or discussed, so I'll be the first to introduce you to a whole new world of monetization.

And many more golden nuggets throughout!

How Much Money Can You Really Make In The SEO Industry?

If you don't have a budget to build your own site or the appetite for risk to strike out on your own, there’s an abundance of SEO jobs out there--and I know I’m an entrepreneur, but these are good jobs.

The skills in SEO Side Hustle will allow you to start at any agency as an SEO Associate with $50,000/year first-year salary.

If you do have some extra money, however, this guide will teach you the foundations of building your own internet properties that can generate multiple revenue streams from a diverse number of monetization methods.

And this works in almost any niche you can think of.

I’ve also thrown in some incredible bonuses to help you get started making money from SEO even faster!

I've even thrown in some bonus interviews with SEOs that hardly work but make 5-6 figures every month within this industry! So you can get insights from more than just myself from SEOs that have assets in an array of different niches, verticals and industries.

So, what are you waiting for? This'll be the best $89 you've ever spent...

If you put the work in!

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