[Free Download] Chris Orzechowski – Double Your Deliverability

Chris Orzechowski – Double Your Deliverability

Especially when you’ve probably spent thousands of hours and an unfathomable amount of money, time, sweat, and focus into building that asset in the first place.

  • Even scarier is when the signs of what’s mortally wrong with your list aren’t obvious:
  • First, it starts with slightly lower open rates that start creeping lower and lower with each send…
  • This means the raw number of clicks you’re generating also go down… less opens, less clicks.
  • Of course… all of that means your revenue from your list slowly starts to fade out of existence.

See when these things happen it’s like having a car problem… the more you drive with the problem the worse it gets.

Until you blow a transmission or engine and now your car (i.e. your list) is nothing more than junk. And the problems are typically hidden from you unless you know what to look for… The more time that passes with the more email blasts you unleash you’re doing some seriously deadly long term damage to your list.

What You Get:

  • How to tell if you actually have a deliverability problem or not.
  • The 9 factors that affect email deliverability
  • Our exact step-by-step audit process we use at my agency to help our clients dramatically improve their deliverability.
  • How to authenticate your domain so you can improve and maintain a good reputation with the most popular ISPs.
  • A deep dive into how to completely align your domain authentication (SPIF, DKIM and DMARC)
  • An in-depth breakdown of how your email content affects deliverability (including an exhaustive list of do’s and dont’s).
  • Copywriting strategies that improve deliverability, list health, and list hygiene.
  • 7 automations you can set up that’ll automatically improve deliverability… without you having to lift a finger.
  • A simple process you can use to periodically trim the “dead weight” off your email list.
  • A list-cleaning case study demonstration
  • A simple “authentication-fix” case study
  • Two full deliverability audit breakdowns from real live brands

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