[Free Download] Jeff Miller – The Agency Scaling Secrets Trainings And Masterclasses

Jeff Miller - The Agency Scaling Secrets Trainings And Masterclasses


What could you accomplish in 6 weeks with a behind the scenes views of a $25,000 a month Facebook Ads Agency
See how people just like you are accomplishing their goals, living the life they want, and making the money they deserve.
This program is designed to get you the end result your looking for
– Knowing what to say and how to say it to turn casual conversations into paying clients
– Get your campaigns up and running fast and guaranteeing it without losing money
– Run research so your target customers write your ads for you so you don’t have to
– Be able to prove your campaign is working so you can keep clients month after month
– A behind the scenes view of my campaigns, programs, and pitch meetings

Anddd here is how were going to do it!
Part 1: Get the results of 90 days of prospecting clients in about in 90 minutes
Part 2: Nailing the On-boarding, The Pitch, and The Close So You Get Paid Upfront. No more Free Trials.
Part 3: Creating a Campaign that Works EVEN IF you don’t know what to put in the Ad
Part 4: Making your Facebook Profile Confirm and Convert
Part 5: White Label Ready Case Studies and Masterclasses
Part 6: Expert Trainings, Personal Access, Coaching, and Accountability

Here is some bonuses that’ll blow your socks off.
BONUS #1 : Bike Shop Funnel, Ads, and Email Sequence
BONUS #2 : Car Wash Funnel, Ads, and Email Sequence
BONUS #3: Martial Arts Masterclass with Jamie Eldridge
BONUS #4: Massage SPA Masterclass with Steph Snz
BONUS #4: MedSpa and Aesthetician Masterclass with Kris Trinity and Simon Nung
BONUS #5: Bots with Mackensie Liberman
BONUS #6: Be a fly on the wall to my actual pitch meetings where clients sign on the spot.

In this Inner Circle you’ll find everything from my personal guide on how to pitch so you get paid, how to guarantee results, and how to keep clients for the long term. You don’t have to be a pro to get started, and you don’t have to have the experience to be the expert. You just need the right mentor and coach to get you ahead of the curve so you can provide value to the clients you serve.

Here’s What You’ll Get:
– 10 Modules with 30+ Video Lessons so you can build a Facebook Ads Agency that makes MONEY for yourself and your clients ($5997 Value)
– Actual real life videos of me pitching clients that SIGNED $2k, $3, and $5k deals on the spot ($9,997 Value)
– Private Student Inner Circle Facebook Group so you can contribute, learn from, and GROW with others that have started where you are and documented how – they’ve grown. ($1,997 Value)
– BONUS: Bike Shop & Car Wash Funnels, Ads, and Email Sequences ($997)
– BONUS: Martial Arts Masterclass with Jamie Eldridge ($997 value)
– BONUS: Massage SPA Masterclass with Steph Snz ($997 value)
– BONUS: Story Telling & Soap Operas for Small Business with Danny Velez ($997 value)

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