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Montell Gordon - Agency Transmutation

Agency Transmutation is an expertly crafted, 6 -week long program that includes everything you could ever need in order to successfully scale your very own social media marketing agency even if you are a complete beginner and have zero past experience or sales abilities.

The program comes with 37+ hours worth of expert training, an exclusive, members-only community full of winners, and all the scripts, templates, contracts, agreements, resources, and plug & play sheets you’ll ever need.

The program also included a special bonus section of 10+ hours of live recorded coaching calls and access to Montell live through monthly Q&A calls hosted on Zoom. This deadly combination of training, community, and resources means you’ll be on the fast track to successfully scaling your agency using the ‘Hybrid System’.

In simple terms… Agency Transmutation is Montell Gordon’s brand-new, cutting-edge 6-week online program that teaches agency owners to start and scale their very own marketing agency with a heavy emphasis on teaching lead sourcing and establishing consistent outreach systems.

Something that is notoriously skipped over by most, teaching in the SMMA space!

The Modules:

Week 1: Foundations & Principles
  • The Foundations (27:46 Mins)
  • Understanding The Business Module (64:19 Mins)
  • Picking Your Niche (65:06 Mins)
  • Picking Your Service (44:21 Mins)
  • Pricing Your Services (29:01 Mins)
  • The Path To 6-Figures (31:51 Mins)
Week 2: Systems, Tools & Processes
  • Our Tools & Systems (65:15 Mins)
  • Birthing Your Agency (47:35 Mins)
  • Accepting Payments & Getting Paid (50:18 Mins)
  • Crafting Your Meeting-Setting System (64:47 Mins)
  • Setting Up Your Facebook Assets (44:41 Mins)
  • Crafting Our Agency Funnel (65:22 Mins)
  • Crafting Our Automated Onboarding Process (68:31 Mins)
  • Building Your Team (79:12 Mins)
Week 3: Upwork Mastery
  • Understanding Upwork (39:32 Mins)
  • Creating your Upwork Profile (46:29 Mins)
  • Creating your Upwork Portfolio (40:02 Mins)
  • Creating Your Automated Meeting System (59:11 Mins)
  • ​Crafting Your Application Assets (32:40 Mins)
  • Crafting Your Upwork Cover Letter & Answers (42:39 Mins)
  • Upwork Outreach Mastery (86:51 Mins)
  • Setting Up The Discovery Call & How To Follow Up (23:14 Mins)
  • The Ultimate Sales Call Strategy: The Bridge Method (59:29 Mins)
Week 4: Cold Email Alchemy
  • Cold Email Alchemy: System Introduction (52:07 Mins)
  • Loading Our Cold Email Cannon (55:38 Mins)
  • Warming The Cold Email Cannon (47:47 Mins)
  • Lead Sourcing Alchemy Pt 1. (71:13 Mins)
  • Lead Sourcing Alchemy Pt 2: Ecom Leads (107:24 Mins)
  • Lead Sourcing Alchemy Pt 3: Local Business Leads (60:27 Mins)
  • Cold Email Anatomy (108:00 Mins)
  • ​Personalised First Lines & Automating Them (90:50 Mins)
  • Setting Up The Call (71:40 Mins)
Week 5: Becoming A Sales Rainmaker
  • Your Sales Foundations (66:02 Mins)
  • Do’s and Don’t Of Sales (61:45 Mins)
  • The UpWork Sales System (73:07 Mins)
  • The Ultimate Sales Script: The Bridge Method (55:39)
Week 6: Service Delivery, Team Management & Client Retention
  • To Be Released: April 2023 (See bonus section for additional training)
Live Q&A Calls
  • Saturday, Feb 19th, 2022 (131:36) – Live Q&A’s are restarting end of May 2023!
Bonus Section
  • Scraping & Lead Sourcing (168:08 Mins)
  • Additional Cold Email Training (169:36 Mins)

During Week 6, you’ll learn everything from how to deal with, manage and retain both social media management clients as well as Facebook ads clients. The program will go into extreme depth on how to deliver results for both SM management clients and Facebook ads even post IOS14, 15, and 16!

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