[Free Download] Philip Vandusen – Brand Strategy 101

Philip Vandusen - Brand Strategy 101

If you’re a creative professional looking to charge higher fees and win bigger projects while having greater control over your client relationships - then you already know you need to learn about brand strategy.

You're pretty confident in your ability to do great design or creative work and you keep your clients happy. But sometimes you feel like just an-order taker and not valued as a true business partner.

Maybe you've done a bit of brand consulting with your clients, but you lack the confidence to deliver real brand strategy or convince them of the ROI of doing it.

Sound familiar? Well, I've got you covered.

By the end of this program,

you will…


  • Master a suite of proven Brand Strategy tools.

    You don't need an MBA to sell brand strategy to your clients. You just need to know how to confidently guide your clients through the creation of a suite of proven strategic exercises that will make their businesses more successful.

  • Get paid for thinking and become a highly valued business partner.

    Go from being considered a design order-taker to a true thought-partner by your clients. Gain the trust that will lead to bigger projects and the ability to charge higher fees for the creative work you already do.

  • Bulletproof your creative career from the pricing pressure of Fiverr, 99Designs and crowd-sourced design.

    The global economy is driving down the prices of creative work more every day. How can you survive, much less charge higher fees and grow your business? You do it by "swimming up stream" and getting paid for brand consulting in addition to your creative work.

  • Learn how to sell strategy projects and communicate the ROI to your clients so they're happy to pay for it.

    Knowing brand strategy doesn't help you if you can't get your clients to buy it. In this course, you'll learn how to communicate the value of brand strategy so you can sell bigger projects for higher fees.

  • Increase your earning power and gain control over the volume of work you receive.

    By helping your clients architect their brand strategy, you engage with them on a whole new level. A level that builds their trust in you and gives you greater control over the volume of work you receive.

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