[Free Download] Adrian Salisbury – Ecamm Live Academy

Adrian Salisbury - Ecamm Live Academy


Anyone who uses Ecamm Live but doesn't feel like they're getting the best out of it. Usually, this includes:

  • People who feel overwhelmed by the tech
  • People who are afraid to go live
  • People who know there's so much more they could do with Ecamm but don't know how

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We pride ourselves on making technical things simple and have developed a winning 2-part solution.

  • Instant access to over 9 hours of video training covering EVERYTHING from unboxing to advanced presentations and integration with Zoom.
  • Join our 2-week virtual live event ELA LIVE, that our customers LOVE!
    We run them twice a year and your ticket is included in the academy price!

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Don't feel overwhelmed by there being 9 hours of online content, you don't have to watch everything to level up your videos.

We deliberately divided the training into 5 levels that build nicely on each other, making it easier to work through. Also, as this is an extensive course covering every aspect of Ecamm, there may be chapters not relevant to you yet, like interviewing.

That said, if you are keen to binge-watch this training then the 5 levels divide out nicely across 5 days, meaning you could become an Ecamm master in less than a week!


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