[Free Download] Charley Pangus – Master Merch Design

Charley Pangus - Master Merch Design

Prepare for the merch design thrill ride of a lifetime! Our eagerly awaited course is packed with all the essentials for crafting mind-blowing merchandise, launching your own freelance empire, or unleashing your creative genius.

  1. Introduction
  1. Welcome To The Academy
  2. Community + Keys To Success
  3. T-Shirt Mockups
  4. Section 1: Mastering Photoshop
    1. Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
    2. Document Setup + Customizing Workspace
    3. Menu Systems
    4. Essential Tools (Pen Tool, Eraser, Shapes, Type + More)
    5. Essential Tools Part 2 + Layer Styles, Layer Masks & Clipping Masks
    6. Raster Vs Smart Object Layers
  5. Chapter 2: Basic Design Principles
    1. Grid Systems
    2. Visual Hierarchy
    3. Visual Hierarchy (PDF Download)
  6. Chapter 3: Font Basics
    1. Finding & Installing Fonts + Licenses
    2. Customizing Type Using Layer Styles + Warps
    3. Font Download
  7. Chapter 4: Designing Basic Graphics
    1. Design A Badge (Using Type On A Path + Layer Styles)
    2. Create A Design Using Vector Graphics
  8. Chapter 5: Texturing
    1. Texture Using Custom Brushes
    2. Texturing Using Images & Blend Modes
    3. Texturing Using Displacement Maps
    4. Texturing With the Vintage Plastisol Brushset With Zac Shiffer
    5. Jpg Texture Downloads

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