[Free Download] Christina Galbato – The Influencer Bootcamp

Christina Galbato - The Influencer Bootcamp

Build an engaged Instagram audience, create content that truly makes a difference, and work with brands you love (even if you’re starting from scratch)

How would it feel to…

  • Reclaim your original dream and remember that YES, you can do this (and get the tips and strategies to do it smoothly!)
  • Find your unique brand voice so you stand out online (you have one, and I can help you find it)
  • Buckle down and get serious about turning your Instagram account into a profitable, rewarding and scalable business you can run from your iPhone
  • Add hundreds of engaged followers every week (yes, really) without using those lame fake bots or getting shadow-banned for liking 600 photos a day
  • Work from anywhere you want in the world and set your own hours (Imagine your new outgoing email message: “I’m at the spa today. I’ll be in touch in 72 hours.”)
  • Get daily emails with paid collaboration offers from your favorite brands (The Influencer Bootcamp students have worked with global brands like Pantene, Burberry and Revolve)
  • Create and post content on Instagram in a way that feels easy and fun
  • Stay for free at luxurious hotels and receive beautiful clothing gratis, all because brands value your opinion (Admit it — you’ve always wanted one of those sample closets filled to the brim with coveted goodies like in The Devil Wears Prada)

Inside The Influencer Bootcamp, you’ll get

  • Simple but powerful strategies for pitching and negotiating brand collaborations
  • The most up-to-date information on using Instagram’s built-in monetization tools for creators
  • Tips for getting paid to create content
  • Clear steps for using affiliate marketing to monetize

Of course, it isn’t just the money piece of the laptop lifestyle you’re craving. It’s the luxurious freedom of doing what you love — whenever and wherever you want. You’ll learn how to replace your 9-5 with a full-time (or part time) career as a professional Content Creator. You’ll be trained in how to streamline your content creation process in a way that feels easy, so you have more time for wine nights, dog cuddles, and Sunday brunches with the girls.

You’ll also be shown the how-tos for building an engaged and loyal community of followers who value you and your voice.

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