[Free Download] Dane Maxwell – Start and Scale

Dane Maxwell - Start and Scale

Here’s How The Course Is Laid Out…

1.) You’ll Watch Me Find An Idea, Write The Sales Letter, & Sell It In 33 Minutes.

  • Video 1: Finding The Idea (just 10 minutes)
  • Video 2: Writing The Sales Letter Rapidly (16 Minutes)
  • Video 3: Getting The Sale (6 Minutes)

In 33 minutes you’ll see all of that happen. THEN…

2.) You’ll Begin The “7 Days To Your First Idea & Sale” Training … (Yes, 7 Days!)

Here I’ll hold your hand and you’ll learn how to find an idea, write a simple sales letter, and sell your idea to one person in 7 days. It’s totally achievable as a first step.

You’ll practice this same 7 day process three times, for a total of 21 days and three attempts. With three tries you’re sure to find something that works.

The only thing you need to become an entrepreneur is one paying customer. And that’s what you’ll have by the end of the 21 days. If you don’t get this after three tries, we will help you until you do.

Note: We look to build dead simple and useful ideas. Nothing too complicated.

3.) See Another $1,000 Example: Then You’ll Watch An Me Find & Sell A $1,000 Idea To My Accountant (with 1 email and a 35-minute call)

Examples are the best way to learn, so you’ll get this as well.

4.) Time To Outsource Product Creation

You’ll learn the simple emails and job postings for successfully outsourcing to experts for limited or no cost out of pocket.

5.) Now You Deliver The Product To The Customer…

Next you’ll get your product into the customers hands to iterate until they get a result.

6.) Learn How To Use Math For Scaling To 1 Sale A Day

Here we show you the math for scaling to 1 sale a day and the best method to do it based on your niche. Maybe it’s Facebook, maybe it’s groups, maybe it’s email, maybe it’s banners on forums. Here’s where we get dirty until it works.

7.) See A Failed Example We Screwed Up On

Why include this? Because mistakes happen all the time… And successful entrepreneurs never just “fail”… They learn…

You’ll see how this idea got a paying customer… The customer paid, said they wanted it, but didn’t end up using it…

It’s really not hard to avoid this particular kind of failure – once you know what to look for. Almost all new entrepreneurs make it.

8.) And you’ll do all this…

…So you build real assets and finally stop exchanging time-for-money forever.

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