[Free Download] Donald Trump – The Wealth Builder’s Blueprint

Donald Trump - The Wealth Builder's Blueprint

Do you work too hard and receive too little? Do you want to make and keep more money? Do you want a huge edge in building a strong financial future for you and your family? Don’t you deserve it? Then it’s time to take action and give yourself a gift you can use. It’s time to give yourself a gift that can save you time and make you money. You deserve the advantage of Donald Trump’s Wealth Builder’s Blueprint. The Wealth Builder's Blueprint includes: * DVD: Donald Trump: how to build wealth The Trump Way * Audio CD 1: Mindset for Success: how to move powerfully and swiftly from goals to results. * Audio CD 2: Money Mastery: how to make your money work for you. * Audio CD 3: Powers of Persuasion: how to sell yourself, your ideas and anything else. * Audio CD 4: Career Champion: how to climb the corporate ladder fast. * Audio CD 5: Own a Business -- and a Life: how to create financial freedom as an entrepreneur. * Audio CD 6: Money While You Sleep: how to make a fortune in real estate. * Personal Wealth Workbook: The Wealth Builder's Blueprint Workbook with 170 pages of powerful, hands-on, action-driven learning.

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