[Free Download] Dr. Hemmel Amrania – Passive Affiliate Blueprint

Dr. Hemmel Amrania - Passive Affiliate Blueprint

Dr. Hemmel Amrania was Awarded the Royal Society prize for contribution to breast cancer research, Received the Outstanding Research Award from Imperial College. Great career but was previously 35 years old in 1 bed flat. Then in 2019, Hemmel learned digital marketing, started with traditional affiliate marketing and then slightly tweaked it from a random idea that he had on the train one day, and most important psdly.com helped him to become a doctor. This idea turned out to be completely life-changing, as taught in his PAS, as run campaigns for Stella McCartney, Gennaro Contaldo & Jimmy Doherty.

He Managed over £2.5 Million in Ad spending (Ie. £2.5M worth of advertising data to learn from and pass on to you in this course. Top ranking UK affiliate for several brands. A genuine, humble person from a middle-class background who happened to stumble upon a system that works and has decided to make the Passive Affiliate System as a way to share his findings with passionate entrepreneurs.

A few Of the Dr. Hemmel Amrania’s Case Studies

  • Top most ranked Affiliate with Stella & Dot in Hemmel’s 1st month – $3,358.82 commissions earned in the one month with a minimal expenditure.
  • The most successful health company affiliate The top performing health company affiliate PS6,770 earned commission in a single month
  • UK’s fastest-growing affiliate and the highest ranking affiliate an industry that makes health supplements that has earned over PS1,000 a month commission in the last 20 months, with a minimal advertising spending and time for managing the campaigns.
  • Changed PS140 into PS1,440 every Month for the last 18 months. Total PS25,907.51 and rising.
  • More than $28,000 in revenue from a one affiliate link in the niche market for software.
  • Changed PS17 into PS450 in just 7 days in the Men’s Cosmetic market.

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