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Eddie Maalouf - Brilliant Marketers

For the last 7 years, I have been studying the top digital marketing strategies & helping businesses grow, all through online advertising.

I have personally managed millions of dollars spent online, on almost every platform, and have worked with dozens of industries.

But, most importantly, I have managed to do this all from a laptop and WiFi & I have spent months making a program that can help absolutely anyone understand and implement the same strategies I do, for any business.

Program Outline:

  • [Module 1] – Mindset, Taxes, Productivity & Everything In Between
  • [Module 2] – Facebook Ads
  • [Module 3] – Google & YouTube Ads
  • [Module 4] – Automations
  • [Module 5] – Building The Perfect Landing Page
  • [Module 6] – Google Analytics
  • [Module 7] – E-Commerce – Creating your Own 6-Figure Online Store
  • [Module 8] – How To Build An Agency To 30k/mo in 90 Days
  • Virtual Assistants

Tested, Proven, & Improved

With over 70 hours of lessons & videos, the program has been refined multiple times, since the original release.

Dozens of students have already seen results in income & business owners who have taken this program are already increasing their monthly cash flow with our proven systems.

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