[Free Download] Igor Kheifets – Elite Affiliate Pro

Igor Kheifets - Elite Affiliate Pro

6-Step Super-Affiliate Checklist

Execute the checklist I personally follow when setting up a new affiliate campaign from scratch. Leave nothing to guesswork.
$1,997.00 Value
$100,000 Affiliate Campaign Case Study

Watch me break down, director’s cut style, one of the most profitable affiliate campaigns I’ve ever ran. Plus, get unlimited personal use rights to copy this campaign for yourself.
$997.00 Value
7 Copy-Paste Affiliate Campaigns

Building affiliate campaigns from scratch is hard if you’re a beginner. Copy any or all of 7 of my most profitable affiliate campaigns. No guesswork. No guilt.
$497.00 Value
$500,000 1-Page Affiliate Site Template

Copy the 1-page bridge site that doubled my affiliate conversions overnight
$2,997.00 Value
100 Affiliate Email Swipes

I’ve tested thousands of affiliate emails. I’m giving you 100 of my best ones. Personal use rights only.
$497.00 Value
Instant Traffic Shortcut

Get fast and affordable affiliate-friendly traffic to grow your affiliate marketing business. No technical skills required to start generating hundreds of targeted clicks a day.

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