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Joe Kashurba - Agency Blueprint

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This isn't your typical online course. We provide everything you need to be successful.

The Entire Agency Blueprint 6-Week Program

When you enroll today, you'll get lifetime access to the Agency Blueprint program which is a proven and tested on-demand training program that teaches you how to build a web design or web development business that you LOVE and helps you land your first $5,000+ project within the next 42 days. ($2,997 Value)

Weekly Group Q&A Calls with Joe Personally

As part of this limited time special offer, you get an ENTIRE YEAR of support and coaching from Joe personally via weekly group Q&A calls. Joe currently charges thousands of dollars for 1-on-1 consulting, so these calls alone are easily worth 10x the cost of enrollment. ($6,000 Value)

Get Access to Our Private Agency Mastery Facebook Group

This is an elite and growing private mastermind community of web designers, web developers and agency owners from 5 different continents. Our top members run 7-figure and 8-figure web agencies! ($6,000 Value)

Sample Proposals, Agreements, Email Templates and Sales Scripts

We've compiled the ultimate web design/web development business library! You'll get proposal templates, agreement templates, email templates, consultation scripts, contractor job postings and so much more.  ($2,997 Value)

In-Person and Online Live Training Events

Throughout the year, we hold a number of in-person and streaming live training events. Typically, we charge between $997 and $4,997 per person, but as part of this limited time special offer, you'll get FREE tickets to all of our live training events over the next year. ($4,997 Value)

Program Curriculum: When You Join Agency Blueprint, You'll Get Full & Immediate Access To...

Week 1: Ideal Clients, Core Offerings & Pricing

  • How to narrow in on exactly who your ideal clients are, what your core services are, and what your pricing is.
  • How to increase your prices and charge $5,000-$10,000 for website projects by being a specialist – rather than a generalist. And we’re not talking about projects with crazy custom programming. These are the same websites that you’re already selling!
  • How to set your pricing and productize your offerings.

Week 2: Consultations & Sales Mastery

  • How to conduct the perfect consultation and sell on value. I used to suck at sales until I figured out this simple, non-confrontational consultative selling process. I now close over 50% of consultations.
  • Implement a proven sales process in your business. How to screen inbound leads so you’re not wasting time, how to setup the initial consultation, how to follow-up (without seeming desperate!) and much more.
  • Email templates, proposal templates, phone scripts, etc.

Week 3: Landing Your First Project FAST!

  • How to get money in the door fast (without spending a dime on advertising!) by reaching out to your existing network and past clients.
  • 3 proven strategies for landing clients as fast as possible without spending a dime on advertising – direct email, LinkedIn and Facebook. I've seen students build their businesses from 0 to 6-figures using just one of this methods!
  • Email templates, actual examples of emails and messages that have landed clients, step-by-step processes, click-by-click screenshares and everything else you need to start using these strategies in your business immediately.

Week 4: Landing Clients & Project Consistently

  • How to start small and scale up fast once you’ve gotten everything dialed-in. At the beginning, our focus is going to be on getting one project, and then our focus is going to be on getting projects every single month.
  • How to hire virtual assistants to send out your emails and message – so that you can literally get clients and projects on autopilot.

Week 5: Effortless Service Delivery

  • Everything you need to know to setup a business that you love.
  • A stealth technique that I use to identify clients that are going to be difficult before they start working with us.
  • How to deal with scope creep, projects that drag on, clients that don’t send over their content, endless design revisions and all of those usual problems. It took me years of frustration to figure out how to deal with these issues, but you don’t have to deal with them anymore! I’ll give you all the exact silver bullet emails you'll need to vaporize these issues.
  • How to sell maintenance plans to build recurring revenue, how to use a Welcome email to set expectations upfront and so much more!

Week 6: Freedom

  • Let's put together a plan for you to leave your job in the next 6 months– or less!
  • How to work less than 20 hours per week and make $100,000+ in your web design or web development business.
  • Strategies, tools, tips, resources and next steps.

Bonus #1: The Recurring Revenue Blueprint Program ($997 Value)

  • How to package, price and sell SEO, AdWords and Facebook Advertising monthly retainers for $500/mo to $2,000/mo.
  • How to easily upsell existing web design clients on these services without being pushy or doing a lot of uncomfortable sales. I’ll show you our exact sales process.
  • How to use white label partners to fulfill these services. I’ll introduce you personally to the account managers that we work with.
  • Everything you need to add $5,000/mo to $10,000/mo in recurring revenue to your web design business within the next 90 days.

Bonus #2: The Automating & Scaling Program ($997 Value)

  • How to know when to start bringing on contractors and who to bring on first.
  • How to build a virtual team of rock star designers and developers. I’ll walk you step-by-step through our screening process and give you the exact job postings that we use.
  • How to free-up your time by handing off everything that you don’t love to other people and automating your business. I’ll give you our exact project and operations workflows, show you all of the tools we use and basically give you a full behind-the-scenes tour of our agency.
  • How to hire your first project manager on a part-time or even project-by-project basis.

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