Kai Bax – Quantum Leap Ecomm Agency Elite Group Buy [Closed]

Kai Bax - Quantum Leap Ecomm Agency

Elite Group Buy

Quantum Leap Ecomm Agency

Build a Six-Figure Ecommerce Agency

If you are wanting to build a successful ecommerce Social Media Marketing Agency, then you are in the right place.


My Name is Kai Bax

I own a multi-six-figure eCommerce agency. I have quickly realized that the majority of SMMA courses out there cover how to build agencies around the local lead gen niche. I never wanted a local lead gen agency and so building an Ecommerce Agency was very difficult when I started out.

I have now figured out the exact roadmap that you can follow in order to build a highly successful eCommerce Agency. That roadmap is called the Quantum Leap Ecomm Agency.

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