[Free Download] Kathryn Jones – CF Design School

Kathryn Jones – CF Design School

what you'll learn in this free webclass:
secret #1:  your website is ugly...but it's not your fault (and it's easy to fix).

Example to look forward to: 

How design hacking absolutely transformed funnels in over 8 niches,
all in just 30 minutes
secret #2:  you do not need to spend 7-figures to be a 7-figure website/funnel designer.

Example to look forward to: 

How an 18-year-old and a 65-year-old with no tech skills became master funnel designers after just 30 minutes
secret #3:  how to use a 'design facelift' to explode your sales...even if you suck at selling.

Example to look forward to: 

The exact design hacking process that took a service from $500/month to $6,500/month

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