[Free Download] Kody Knows – Native Mastery

Kody Knows - Native Mastery

If you’re interested in learning how to run Native Ads campaigns for affiliate offers then look no further. I just launched a course showing how to run & scale affiliate offers on Native Ads.

On the next page you can watch 2 sneak peaks into two different live builds that I did in front of your eyes in the course. Both of these live builds had results in the first days of launching.

How to Set Up Tracking With Native Ads

​Tracking Order Form Impressions (OFI's)

​How to Spy on Competition Like a Pro (Free/Paid)

​How to Create High CTR Landing Pages

​A Landing Page Template For Native Ads
​How to Use PROVEN Landers With Native
​Creating The Native Campaign *(Real Examples)*
Sending Conversions Back to Traffic Source*​
How I Find Ad Images That Make BANK​
​The Structure For Native Campaigns
​Native Ads Optimization Tips!

Rules For Blocking Websites / Sections
​First Conversion Day 2 - Now What!
​Staying Organized With Daily P/L File
​Drilling Down On The Data & Optimizing
​Campaign Kill Ratio Template
​How I Structure My Ad Tests in "Rounds"
​My Native Ads Scaling Guide*
​How I Come Up With Angles to Test!
​** 2 "Follow Along" Campaign Builds w/ Results
​** My "Auto Rules" That Help Optimize For You!!

With Native Ads, I Became A ClickBank Platinum Member!

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