[Free Download] Kristina Azarenko – Seo Challenge

Kristina Azarenko – Seo Challenge

Hey, soon-to-be SEO Pro. Tell me if any of these things sound familiar. You…

  • Have been through a few SEO trainings already but all of them were too theoretical. They told about WHAT but never showed you HOW (what a waste!)
  • Already know many things about SEO, but you’re self-taught and you’re ready to finally fill in the gaps and level up so you can charge more for your projects
  • Understand SEO but feel that SEO gurus hide ‘secrets’ from you and never give you the exact steps to SEO success
  • Wander through FB groups and Reddit for hours, thread after thread, trying to find answers to your SEO questions… but you end up even more confused than when you started
  • Feel helpless after every Google update as you see your client’s websites ranking go down
  • Are you dying to get your hands on technical SEO and become comfortable looking at the page source, but you want to learn from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about
  • Want to jump into the freelance/consulting SEO business so you can have greater control over my work/life balance, but aren’t sure that your skills are quite where they need to be in order to do that
  • Want to join a network of like-minded SEO enthusiasts and hang out with a group of people who actually get what it is that you do


If any of the above resonates with you, then I’m really glad you’re here because The 45-Day SEO Challenge™ was designed exclusively for you!


So whether you’ve been doing SEO for a while and are now ready to level up and get the right processes in place…

Or you’re just starting with SEO and you need a clear path forward that will save you hours of digging and months of frustration…

Or you’re looking for a promotion within your existing organization…

Or land anywhere in between… 

You’re in the right place!

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