[Free Download] Noah Hunter Dorsey – Upgrade Your Shopify Store

Noah Hunter Dorsey – Upgrade Your Shopify Store

Noah Hunter Dorsey is the Founder of Multi-Million Dollar Beauty Powerhouse Tommi Skin & Creative Converters – any agency behind some of the biggesst brands on the planet. Since 2018, he’s been the go-to-guy for 8 & 9-Figure Ecomm Brands looking to scale – Generating $200M+ in sales. Now, for the first time ever, he’s revealing his Shopify Site stup to the public.

What You Get: Module 1: Strategy

  • Here, Noah will go into the high-level strategies of creating a killer Shopify store.
    • Lesson 1: Branding & Psychology
    • Lesson 2: Creating Offers
    • Lesson 3: Product Offerings
    • Lesson 4: Themes & Branding
    • Lesson 5: Seasonality

Module 2: Homepage

  • Your homepage is the most popular page on your site, so it needs to convert. Here – Noah will give you the exact templates and frameworks that push curious visitors into shoppers, focusing on maximizing your AOV.
    • Lesson 1: Layout
    • Lesson 2: Banner
    • Lesson 3: Navigation
    • Lesson 4: Free Gift
    • Lesson 5: Social Proof
    • Lesson 6: Products & Collections
    • Lesson 7: Copy

Module 3: Product Page

  • In this module, you’ll be building high-converting product pages that turn shoppers into customers like clockwork.
    • Lesson 1: Familiarity & Setup
    • Lesson 2: Product Images
    • Lesson 3: Name & Description
    • Lesson 4: Social Proof
    • Lesson 5: Shipping & Offer
    • Lesson 6: Discounts & Upsells
    • Lesson 7: Buy Now, Pay Later
    • Lesson 8: Long Copy
    • Lesson 9: Urgency
    • Lesson 10: FAQ’s
    • Lesson 11: Recommended Products

Module 4: Checkout

  • Optimise your checkout system to minimise abandoned checkouts, increase conversions and boost AOV with upsells.
    • Lesson 1: Express Postage
    • Lesson 2: Aftersell

Module 5: Customer Experience

  • Here, you’ll optimise customer experience, increasing visitor satisfaction, trust & sales.
    • Lesson 1: Site Speed
    • Lesson 2: Contact Us
    • Lesson 3: Live Chat
    • Lesson 4: Terms & Conditions

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