[Free Download] Peter Akkies – Organize Your Life With Todoist

Peter Akkies - Organize Your Life With Todoist

Organizing your to-dos helps you show up as your best self at home and at work. Todoist will help you get there—if you know how to use it. That’s what you’ll learn in this course.


  • Get your tasks from everywhere else (email, websites, Slack/Teams…) into Todoist
  • Integrate Todoist with the apps you already use
  • Structure your tasks with projects and tags (“labels”)
  • Set up custom views (“filters”) to see just the to-dos you need
  • Plan your days and weeks
  • Execute consistent weekly reviews
  • Use templates to save time and reduce errors

Of course, you’ll learn lots of specific things too, like how to use due dates; how to handle your email (🧘🏻); and how to never forget a birthday again ( 🥳).


  • be able to focus,
  • feel in control
  • know what to work on next,
  • save time and reduce errors,
  • and have a system, so nothing slips through the cracks.

That’s what learning a workflow you can trust will do for you.


After graduating from a top college, I went to work in litigation consulting. I faced a never-ending to-do list and was always involved in many projects simultaneously. I didn’t have much free time.

After a few years, I decided to quit and start my own business. I soon began to teach people how to use task management apps to organize their lives, the way I wished I had when I worked in consulting.

These days, I can’t imagine my life without my to-do system. And I use what I learned as a consultant and in running my own business to help people like you get more organized. I’ll show you how to use the right workflows and systems to be more productive, and feel less overwhelmed.

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