[Free Download] Rob Beal – Schematic Architecure

Rob Beal - Schematic Architecure

Here's What To Expect

The course is broken down into 4 core modules designed to quickly move you from an introduction to schema to creating advanced schema buildouts.


The 3 bonus modules enhance the 4 core modules by adding to the basic understanding of schema code, the usage of templates, and over the shoulder examples of advanced site schema implementation.


Schema Markup Will Never Be The Same

Module 1


In this module you begin with an overview of what schema is and how to build JSON-LD schema types.  You then quickly jump in stacking different schema types to mirror your money site and how to inject know google entity information into your schema.

  • Overview

  • Building

  • Mirroring

  • Stacking

  • Entity Injections

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Module 2


In this module you will learn all about @id nodes from what they are to how to name, reference, and leveraging these nodes for creating more advanced schema.

  • Identifiers

  • Naming

  • Referencing

  • Leveraging

  • Merging

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Module 3


In this module you discover what schema blueprinting is and how to build out blueprints for different schema types by walking through multiple common types.

  • Blueprinting

  • Organization

  • Local Business

  • Top Level Categories

  • Service

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Module 4


In this module you learn how to utilize all you have learned to buildout your own advanced schema through multiple examples and then how to begin crafting any advanced schema you need.

  • Service Page Example 1

  • Service Page Example 2

  • Top Level Category Example

  • Local Business Example

  • Organization Example

  • Becoming a Schema Jedi - Learning to buildout any advanced schema you need

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