[Free Download] The Lazy Marketer – The AI Gold Rush Mastermind

The Lazy Marketer - The AI Gold Rush Mastermind

It doesn’t take a genius to see that AI is seriously going to change everything if you’re running an online business of any kind.

Already, tools like ChatGPT can take mind-numbing stuff like coming up with content ideas, creating writer briefs, data entry & thousands of other tasks… and basically do things that used to take hours in a matter of seconds.

Predictably, there are literally hundreds of startups popping up that are just wrapping a simple interface around GPT. Mostly they’re just making tools that let users mass-produce content or ad copy.

But as I see it, those “obvious” use-cases are already getting saturated – and I think it’s a short-lived business model for a few reasons (see video above for details).

Instead, the smartest ways to cash in on this are more along the lines of how fortunes are really made any time there’s a gold rush, digital or otherwise…

  • Selling picks & shovels,
  • Specializing in niches, and
  • Rapidly building an audience

The Lazy Marketer Presents:

  • Discover how to build massive, overnight niche portals with a genius twist on GPT. (This is a goldmine in any conduit-friendly niche!)
  • Discover an epic, AI-powered service business that’s a total no-brainer offer for any brand with an active content strategy. (This sells itself, has crazy margins, and is now very easy to scale)
  • Discover the proven marketplace model that lets you build a huge B2B audience in the AI space – using other people’s traffic for free.
  • How to use AI to build huge traffic in thousands of utterly untapped enthusiast niches (where millions of fans are starving for a new type of content).

Key Point: Each of these business models – while unique – are still something you could literally build in a weekend. You don’t need to be a developer (or hire one) to take action on any of these.

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