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Theresa Depasquale - Social Butterfly Academy

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve been grinding it out on Instagram trying ALL of the best hacks and gimmicks to grow your page - and nothing has really worked
  • You spend so much time and energy making content, only to end up frustrated and defeated when it gets no traction
  • ​You’ve invested in other Instagram training programs, courses, or coaches in the past—only to be let down...again. In fact, you may even feel robbed or burned by your experience
And the worst part is...

A little voice in your head may even be whispering the lie, “You don’t have what it takes to make it big on Instagram. You’re just not ‘enough’ -- not smart enough, savvy enough, popular enough…”. And that idea may be scaring you into not posting at all!
Take a deep breath. I have something to tell you…

Hi, I’m Theresa Depasquale, Founder of Capture Social Group and the Social Butterfly Academy , and I want to share with you the #1 secret to growing your page on Instagram....

When I first started on Instagram things were soooo easy.

I would make a post and see the followers flooding in….
I grew to 197... 546... 3200… 8000…
Then right around the 10k mark something drastically changed.
I went from getting hundreds of followers per day to barely any at all.
Frustrated was an understatement.
Instagram had just launched its new “ algorithm” that changed the way the entire platform worked.
I knew if I wanted to keep growing I had to figure out how it worked, so I started studying any and everything I could about Instagram….
What I found will probably surprise you... because it surprised me that it was so simple.
It’s the biggest secret that nobody is talking about when it comes to Instagram…
Theresa Depasquale

If you want to grow your following, you need to focus on better engagement with your EXISTING followers FIRST.

Not having perfectly filtered photos..…
Not posting every day or multiple times a day…
Not spending hours commenting on your competitors posts….
Focus on better engagement FIRST.

No engagement = NO growth!

See, Instagram is a business— they make money by selling ads to people using their platform.

So, If YOU can keep people on their platform longer, they will reward you for it by showing your content to more people.
That’s where engagement comes in …..
When users engage with your content, it’s a sign to Instagram that your content is good and can keep people using their platform longer.
Engagement is the currency of Instagram…
And a lot of Instagram ‘experts’ fail to understand this reality, and instead turn to hacks or shortcuts to try to grow.
I not only used the strategies I learned to build a large, engaged following on Instagram..

 I leveraged that following to...

  • Build a high six figure online fitness business…..
  • Help me hit the top of Amazon’s new book release category by selling 700 books the first day it launched (beating Harry Potter's book for the hot new release! )
  • Get a free $30k book launch party sponsored by Hard Rock cafe
  • ​Get on major national news publications...
  • ​Get an app partner to develop my app for FREE…
  • ​And get MAJOR spokesperson contracts
I started the Social Butterfly academy to help busy entrepreneurs like you do the same.

No gimmicks. No tricks. Just the simplest, most proven method for growing an engaged following on Instagram...
A following that will not only be excited for your next post, but will be eager take the next steps with you to become a client or customer.

I call it the Social Butterfly Engage & Elevate Method


The Simplest, Most Reliable Approach for Growing your Instagram and Business (Even If You’re Brand New, Have No Time to Waste, and Don’t Know Where to Start)

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