[Free Download] Tiktok Ads $0 – $10k in 30 Days Challenge

Tiktok Ads $0 - $10k in 30 Days Challenge

This will be the first 30-day challenge as we kick off our Beta tester program within Afflabs. And then every month after that, we’ll be doing a new Case study and challenge to make sure you are always on top of what’s working now, to give you the best chance of success with paid ads as an Affiliate

And currently, there are 2 ways you can access the $0 – $10k With TikTok Ads 30 Day Challenge and Case Study

  • Option 1 – Join The $0 – $10k With TikTok Ads 30-Day Challenge On Its Own For $497. Or Get 100% FREE Access to the Challenge by activating your 12-month access to AffLabs ALL ACCESS and get all the other training and support offered with Afflabs
  • Option 2 – Become a founding member of Afflabs ALL ACCESS And Get free access to the $0 – $10k With TikTok Ads 30-Day Challenge PLUS Every other 30-day challenge and case study after the 30 days!

Afflabs ALL ACCESS will be $97 Per Month when we officially launch and currently, you can only subscribe to a 12-month plan which costs $997 per year.

However today i’d like to offer you not only free access to the first-ever $0 – $10k With TikTok Ads 30 Day Challenge But Also a Huge 80% discount On Afflabs ALL ACCESS As A Founding Member

Here’s Everything I Am Get By Acting Today and Claiming My Huge 70% Discount to AffLabs All Access: Here’s Everything I Am Get By Acting Today and Claiming My Huge 70% Discount to AffLabs All Access:

  • $0 – $10k With TikTok Ads 30 Day Challenge – Together we’ll launch a profitable TikTok ‘paid on action campaign’ Using Jani’s Tiktok ‘MBRPA’ Sequence – $497 Usually , Your’s FREE!
  • Live Daily Case Study $0 $10k – Look over the shoulder of a 7 Figure Power Affiliate As we make money Live with TikTok Ads And Paid On Action!  Free With Afflabs All Access
  • Ready Made Plug n Play Campaigns from The Live case study – You’ll Get The Rights To Use The Exact Same Campaigns Which You Watch Us Make Money With Live Free With Afflabs All Access
  • Daily Action Plan & Resources –  Get the summary of the days action plan in a PDF with precise action steps, as well as all resources we use daily  Free With Afflabs All Access
  • Live Daily Q&A – Ask Jani anything and get Live help with your own Tiktok Ads Affiliate campaign, on our Live Daily Q&A   Free With Afflabs All Access
  • One Year All Access Pass to AffLabs! – Our new premium members only platform where we share the cutting edge, insider 7 figure affiliate secrets, tips , tricks, monthly trainings and Case Studies, brought to you by real 7 figure affiliates who live the real affiliate lifestyle and are actually in the trenches doing it!. You get one year of full access as part of this special offer – Regular Price $997 Per Year – 70% Off Today

Here is what you get full access to as an 

AffLabs All Access member

  • A New Profitable Case Study and Challenge Every Month For a Full Year! – Every month we start a new case study and challenge, where we use our own money to launch test, profit and scale a paid ad affiliate campaign on a specific traffic source live, so you can copy what we do and shortcut your way to profits by only using what works!
  • Monthly Ready Made Plug n Play Profitable Campaigns Every month  – Plug in, play and profit from our proven ready made campaigns that are already making money. We do all the work, and just hand you the money making information / campaigns to run. These are the campaigns you watch us make money from in our monthly live case study and challenge. So unlike fake gurus who claim they provide you with done for you campaigns, we actually let you watch us make money with them first, then give you exclusive access to only what makes money.
  • Live ‘Closed Door’ Workshops Every Month – Every month we hold a closed door secret workshop for our members only where we expose exactly what we’re doing to make huge amounts of money as an affiliate, and share the exact strategies with you. You’ll get to watch our monthly workshop LIVE plus keep the recordings AND access our library of all previous Workshops!
  • 2x Weekly Live Q&A – Every week we get on 2 Live Q&A calls with you to answer any question you have and give you help LIVE.
  • Daily and Weekly guidance to help you succeed fast! – Get personal coaching every day for 30 days to ensure you get results and then 2x per week for a whole year.
  • Fly On The Wall Interviews – Exclusive interviews with current affiliates every month who are making serious money online, where they reveal everything. You get to be a fly on the wall as we grill a different affiliate every month to share what they’re currently doing to kill it online. You get to hear  top of the food chain knowledge every month, right from the source!
  • Your REAL Inside Advantage – With everything you gain access to with AffLabs ALL ACCESS, you’ll have a true Insider’s Advantage so you can finally achieve the success you’ve dreamed of as an affiliate.

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