[Free Download] Tommie Powers (Foundr) – How To Master YouTube Ads

Tommie Powers (Foundr) - How To Master YouTube Ads

One year from now, your competition will have wished they got started with YouTube ads a year earlier.

Just like people did who were late with Google ads, Facebook ads, and even the internet itself.

And who knows, since you’re reading this right now…

They might even be huddled around a screen with their team watching one of your ads saying “See! I wish that was us… We need to be doing it just like they are! They’ve blown up!”

Because after working with the “best of the best” of marketers, media buyers, and business owners across the world through our Foundr brand…

…we’ve discovered that the businesses who’ve already “cracked” YouTube ads right now…

…many who are using ads so simple you could record them just using your iPhone…

Are outpacing their competition by scaling faster (and more profitably) without the normal “I can’t spend my budget” bottlenecks…

Are bringing in a steady flow of new leads and sales with a reliable (and predictable) customer acquisition channel that isn’t riddled with constantly changing compliance chaos…

And they feel confident to have “business insurance” meaning they’re no longer
overly reliant on the success of their ads on a single ad platform!

Plus we’re seeing it working across all kinds of industries and niches.

Think of it, with just a cell phone, story, and a simple video…

A single YouTube ad (like the one filmed “here in my garage”) can change someone’s business and life…forever. One ad, that’s all it takes.

One winning ad on YouTube… the 2nd largest search engine in the world with over 2 billion monthly users (only slightly less than Facebook) …is like strapping a customer-acquisition rocket to your existing business. *to the moon!*

And right now we’re seeing entrepreneurs use these “easy YouTube ads” to sell millions of dollars worth of physical products for their ecommerce stores…

Service-businesses using them to enroll countless new clients into their high-ticket coaching programs…

And marketers using them to generate tens of thousands of leads for every kind of business imaginable, from real estate and software, to book sales and influencers.

But the best part?

Many of them are using ads that don’t even require their face to be in the video!

In fact, many of them don’t require anything even close to “Squatty Potty” level of production and instead are quick and easy to make, and can start bringing in sales with just $5-$10 a day in ad spend to start.

Like Adura with iFlip Academy (video case study above) who brought in $4,000 on his very first $1,000 spent!

Think of it, with just a cell phone, story, and a simple video…

A single YouTube ad (like the one filmed “here in my garage”) can change someone’s business and life…forever. One ad, that’s all it takes.1 – BUYING INTENT: PEOPLE ARE MORE LIKELY TO BUY ON YOUTUBE

Majority of people arrive on YouTube with “buying intent”, meaning they come to “seek, not scroll” like they do on other platforms.

  • The watch time for shopping-related videos on YouTube grew in the U.S. by more than 5X over the past 2 years.
  • 70% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube.
  • The most searched phrase on YouTube is “How To” which reveals people are coming to YouTube looking to learn about something new or solve a problem.


YouTube is the second largest website (and search engine) in the world next only to its parent company Google, it can more easily find buyers for any business or niche.

  • YouTube ads tap into industry-leading “Google Search Based Targeting” not available on platforms like Facebook.
  • YouTube allows precise “Custom Audiences” to target even the most hard-to-reach prospects.
  • YouTube ads targeted by intent have a 100% higher lift than those just targeted by demographics like available on other platforms.


  • Majority of businesses haven’t even advertised on YouTube yet.
  • In Q3 of 2020 Facebook reported there were 10 million different advertisers on their platform!
  • With less competition you can get cheaper clicks, leads, and sales with YouTube ads.


Now you probably already know this, but Google, Facebook, or any ad platform for that matter doesn’t care one bit if you “don’t know what you’re doing” before you start running ads.

You won’t get an email from them telling you how to tweak your creative to lower your cost per click or that your campaign goal is set up wrong.

Just like the government requires you to pay taxes but doesn’t tell you the absolute best tax-saving hacks or ways to keep more of what you make…

An ad platform is the exact same!

  • So why waste valuable time and money trying to figure out how to crack YouTube ads when someone like Tommie has already spent $30m+ and more than a decade
    of his life to “pay the price” for you?
  • Why play “YouTube guru roulette” by sifting through all the dangerous and conflicting “guru” YouTube advice currently available for free online, when instead you could have a proven data-driven strategy that works in all niches and industries?
  • And why risk launching ads that were “built to fail” from the very start when you could have tommie show you step-by-step the right way to create profitable campaigns from scratch?


Instead imagine how it’d feel to finally “crack” YouTube ads…

  • No more worrying about your Facebook ad account getting randomly banned for no reason…
  • No more suffocating compliance regulations that are constantly changing…
  • And no more sky high ad costs due to an overly crowded ad platform.

These are just a few reasons why many of today’s smartest marketers are convinced that YouTube ads are the future of online marketing.

YouTube is the world’s second-most visited website Right after its parent company, Google.

And this isn’t some “Facebook ads are dead” type thing, because they’re obviously not.

We’re using them and you should most likely be as well. But too many people ride what we call the “overreliance rollercoaster” and rely too heavily on their Facebook ads to produce.

But as you’ve probably experienced, that’s incredibly risky and unpredictable.

And right now in 2021, YouTube ads are essentially where Facebook ads were more than 13 years ago! At least for now…

It’s the biggest online advertising opportunity we’ve seen in over a decade.

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