[Free Download] Trena Little – Youtube Bootcamp

Trena Little - Youtube Bootcamp

You’re a smart bosslady who knows video is the next frontier in marketing:

You love the idea of sharing your smarts on video, but that means finding some time in your already jammed pack To-Do List to create videos.

It’s not like you’re not out to be the next YouTube star … you just wanna grow your email list and position yourself as an expert.


But cameras, lighting, scripts, and editing oh my—you’re ALREADY worried you’re too late to the YouTube game, and by the time you figure it out with everything else on your plate, HOLY COW, won’t it be like, 2022?!

Imagine being able to LAUNCH YOUR CHANNEL IN 4 WEEKS with a content strategy that not only fills up your YouTube channel but you social media content, blog content and newsletter content - all in one!

Sleep easier at night knowing there's a 24/7 salesperson out there growing your email list for you!

With a DONE-FOR-YOU YouTube strategy in hand, your editorial calendar will now include regular video content seamlessly merged with your sales calendar.

Good bye late night work sessions!? You are going to be rocking videos— with the ROI to prove it.

It’s time to get your cute self on YouTube so you can hire the world’s second largest search engine as your list building elf.

‘Cause it’s far from “too late” to hop to it- considering only 8% of small businesses are using YouTube to market their services & products.

Hello, unsaturated frontier!

Those Instagram and Facebook Lives? They aren’t quite gonna leverage that email list like a boss YouTube strategy will.

In a dream world, you’d kick this whole thing off without goose-egg subscribers, with a professional channel trailer, and even with those cool graphics on the video (how do they do that, anyway … ).


And that, my friend, is why I created a solution ...

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