Troy Ericson – The Email List Management Certification Program 2023

Troy Ericson - The Email List Management Certification Program 2023

Troy Ericson - The Email List Management Certification Program 2023

While helping their clients or employers have record-breaking months of $20k, $50k, or even $100k+ in email revenue...

Before I share with you how to join, let's be brutally honest about copywriting.

The life of a copywriter is stressful:

- You have to fight for jobs that dozens of other highly qualified writers are applying for. You hope & pray that you get chosen. Usually, you don’t

- If the client does reach out to you, they haggle you down on your per email rate or want you to work hourly.

- They don’t usually pay you 100% up front.

- Then you work on writing the emails in a Google Doc & turn them in on time.

- Then the client asks you to make a bunch of revisions. It’s something little that probably won’t make a difference. But you keep going back & forth to make them happy. Sometimes they even ask you for extra little favors.

- When you follow up about getting paid, the client doesn't give you a straight answer.

- Maybe they pay you. Maybe they don't.

- You never find out how your work is performed. This means you can’t get paid rev share, even if your copy CRUSHES for them.

- So you vow to never work with that client again.

- And even if the project does go well, they usually don’t need your services again for a while.

- Which means you have to spend more time trying to find another client to replace them.

And the cycle repeats itself over & over & over.

You live a life of feast or famine. Some months are great, others, not so much.

In fact, you spend more time hunting for new copywriting clients than you do working. Which doesn’t pay the bills.

I've used Email List Management to collect over $5,360,000 in my business in the last 3 years.

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