[Free Download] Alen Sultanic – Automatic Clients & Bonuses

Alen Sultanic - Automatic Clients & Bonuses

Automatic Clients is a counterintuitive approach to selling high -ticket coaching and consulting programs. We create low-price high-value products and services which allow us to acquire customers at break-even (free) and then we ascend those customers into becoming high-ticket clients.

This is done through the ascension framework which uses the awareness bridge to turn low-dollar customers into $5,000+ high-ticket clients within 7 days of a sale on average.


Before we created the Automatic Clients model – we were using webinars and other methods to acquire high-ticket clients, and eventually those methods stopped working due to the economics not backing out.


Every business is built on one thing and one thing only – its ability to generate revenue……And revenue is largely based on the ability to get customers.
Generating customers is also the #1 expense a business will incur in its quest for growth….… That’s why we developed the Automatic Clients model to allow you to generate customers for free (while breaking even)……And in turn, turn those customers into high-paying clients. How far your scale is up to you.

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