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Dan Henry - 30 Day Agency

Dan Henry claims his 30 Day Agency course is the “fastest way to six figures without a boss.”  But is it?  Let’s dig in.

30 Day Agency is a four-module, four-week get-sh*t-done type of program.  Diggity Dan teaches you how to land local clients to run Facebook and Instagram ads for – and hopefully get ’em results.

Is 30 Day Agency legit?  You bet.  Henry has thousands of students and hundreds of success stories – dozens of whom have qualified for his “$10k Club Award” by making at least $10,000 a month.

How much does 30 Day Agency cost?  Answer: $997.

And, I’ll tell ya: that price is a steal.  Like, for a grand, you can get in, get busy, and, if everything goes according to plan, tell your boss you hope he chokes on a Cheeto.

That’s assuming the model makes sense for you.  And I do have some input on that.  See, Facebook ads have been ridden hard and put away wet.

They’re exhausted.

Mainly cuz everyone and their auntie’s now got a course tellin’ you to “go run Facebook ads for f*ckin’ chiropractors and yoga studios.”

And, think about it: if every top guru – like Dan Henry – is shovin’ thousands of members into their training, and they’re all basically bein’ told the same thing… guess what?  You, my friend, are entering into a hyper-competitive space, aren’t ya?

It’s getting more expensive to run the ads; harder to land clients; and harder yet to keep them long-term.  Now look: I believe there’s always room for the best of the best.  And if you become that – the very best at using Facebook ads to get leads for local businesses – then hey, do your thing.  But if not?  If you think you’re just gonna limp into Dan Henry’s 30 Day Agency course, half-ass it like everyone else, and all of a sudden be blowin’ your nose with 20s and wipin’ your ass with 1s, you’re delusional.

And I guess, how much money do you have to throw at this to begin with?  Cuz Henry’s gonna tell ya to do some free trials in order to land your first deal or two.  And that’s a smart strategy.  A great way to overcome skepticism when you’re a no name with no experience and no proof to show potential clients.  (There’s a “but” comin’.)  But.  Those trials are not free – not for you anyways.  You gotta pay Facebook to get those leads, then hand ’em over to Petey Personal Trainer, then when Petey says, “No thanks,” you’re out all that ad spend, and off to the next trial.  It’s risky.  And I’m guessing you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw out the window.  Amiright?

That’s why, if I were you, I’d build a foundation on free traffic.  Just like I’m doin’ here.  Ranking in Google.  It costs basically nothing – a domain name and hosting, and that’s it.  And yet, here I am, welcoming you in with open arms.  AND.  I bet you’re a better “lead” than someone who I interrupted while they were scrolling through their newsfeed on friggin’ Facebook.  Right?  Like, you raised your hand.  By goin’ to Google and searching for “30 Day Agency Reddit” or “30 Day Agency results” or “30 Day Agency price” or whatever the hell you searched for… you basically said, “Hey, I’m a potential buyer for this thing.”  Right?

Now imagine doin’ the same thing I just did to you – meeting you where you wanted to be, organically, by ranking at the top of Google – but for local businesses.  For example, picture a simple little website for “Best Carpet Cleaners in Tempe, AZ.”  Think if you ranked for that, when people in Tempe searched and found your site, they’d be good candidates to pay for carpet cleaning?  Fuckin’-a-right they would.  And at the local level – meaning, the city level – oh my God, this is so easy to do.  Like you don’t need a pretty website.  You don’t need to be a great writer.  You don’t need to do a buncha complicated SEO stuff (link building this, meta tag that – barf!).  You just put the main search term as the page title, throw up a stock photo, slop down a few paragraphs, hit publish… and, oftentimes, that’s enough to “rank and bank.”  Your little site will march to the top of page one in Google, and park its happy ass there, reeling in primo leads – actual buyers – all day, urrday.

So then what?  Right?  Well, what we do is use our own nifty software to track and forward leads – whether email or phone call – to an actual, in this case, carpet cleaner in Tempe, AZ.  And in this way, we can charge the business owner per lead (say $5 per email or call) or do a flat fee (say $900 per month) or even a hybrid deal (like $3 per call plus $500 per month).

And again, these leads will be way better than if we were gettin’ ’em by bugging people on Facebook… who probably aren’t even in the market to get their carpets cleaned.  Make sense?  So Kirby Carpet Cleaner’s gonna be happier with our service and more likely to stick around and keep payin’ us, month after month, hopefully for years to come.  PS – this isn’t theory, we’ve been doin’ this for 11+ years now.

Remember, too: this strategy is exponentially more profitable.  We’re not peeing money down our pant leg to get each lead.  They’re essentially free – unlike Facebook ads – and they’re unlimited.

Also, it’s nice because we own and control the website that’s bringing in the leads.  Nobody can put us outta business with the flick of a switch, like Facebook can… should they decide to ban your ad account – which, oh by the way, happens all the time, unfortunately.  So it’s much safer.  What we do is sorta like virtual real estate.  We’re renting out the results of these stupid-simple lead-getting websites… and we just sit back and collect checks… and the cool part is, we can flip ’em for huge six or seven-figure payouts one day… if we want to.

And, if you ever lose a client, no problem – simply forward the leads to a new, say, carpet cleaner in Tempe… and you don’t miss a beat.  It’s truly set and forget… long-term… residual income.

Then, sure, if we wanna supplement with paid traffic via FB or Google or Insta or whatever, we can do that.  And sometimes we do.  But it’s our “side piece,” never our main girl.  Feel me?  Like we wouldn’t take her home to meet the parents or anything.

This is a long-winded way of sayin’: yeah, I think Dan Henry is one of the best at teaching Facebook ads… and I bet his 30 Day Agency coaching is all that and a chocolate milkshake, but I also think Facebook ads are too competitive, too expensive, don’t bring enough paying customers to keep biz owners paying you each month, and you’re very limited in terms of the niches you can go into (again, think running a Facebook ad for “hey, call us to unclog your toilet” is gonna work?  Hell no, only when you need a plumber will you go to Google and search for a plumber, right?  So when ya think it through, you’ll see that you can make a website for any niche; but paid ads will only work for a select few niches).

For all the above reasons, and probably a few I forgot, if I were you… I’d at least take a peek at what we do.

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