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Dan Khan - Income Hero Academy

The Income Hero Academy Method Has Created More 6-Figure Earners Than Any Other Program Online… Period!

  • Access: Turn-Key System And 12 Months Coaching
  • Experience Level: Complete Beginner To Marketing Expert
  • Outcomes: Job-Replacing, Lifestyle Levels Of Passive Income & Location Freedom

Industry-Shifting Advantages

  • Real World & Current: Income Hero Academy uses cutting edge online income strategies that are proven and repeatable. You’ll be using recognized authority platforms & best practices to deliver real value while generating life-changing income.
  • No Experience Needed: You’ve probably heard this before, but in Income Hero Academy we BREATHE ‘beginner-friendly’. Expert coaches and a supportive community will launch any newbie into a financially free individual in record time. As long as you have the desire to succeed, results are inevitable
  • Location Independent: You can do this from anywhere on the planet – all you need is internet. Network with hundreds of other students having success from all corners of the world. Love to travel? Income Hero Academy is the most portable income model you’ll ever see.
  • Proven Results Over Morning Coffee: This is my favorite part! Our strategies require you to take some time your of your schedule to make this work. How long? How does 10 minutes a day sound? Yes! That’s how long you need to make a reliable and scalable income with affiliate marketing! One of our strategies only require you to set up once and NEVER touch again. We make $3,000 on autopilot every month
  • 24/7 Support: With Income Hero Academy you’re always connected to us and will never be alone! Between the live Q&As and hyper active support group, you get to ask your questions at any time of the day. We’re basically a virtual family! True heroes will NEVER leave you in the dark
  • World-Class Tools & Shortcuts Included: You deserve success, so you get the best tools available to do it! You get access to the best softwares in the market, our 6-figure campaigns and light-speed DFY funnels Leverage us and you WILL see success, you just need to show up!

Who’s Dan Khan?

I’m just some young guy that worked his butt off to figure all this stuff out

After making only a few dollars my first year (with hundreds of hours of work) my business did multiple 6 figures the very next year. (Dropped out of college too!)

Became the top 1% affiliate in the world!

Will You Be Next?

I can still remember the first time I learned the concept of Passive Income. Since then I have spent literally thousands of hours (so you don’t have to) in the pursuit of creating my own.

I now own my own business that runs on almost complete automation, bringing in multiple 6 Figures in 2020. I get asked every day how to do it.

That’s why I created Income Hero Academy!

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