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Alen Sultanic - NHB - Fast Forward Mastermind Group Buy

Redskull here, pay very close attention to this one if you don't know who Alen Sultanic is.

  • ِِِِِِِِِِA full-stack marketer who uses psychology in his approach, he held the top affiliate on ClickBank from around 2006 if I recall well, till very recently, and other affiliates were just copying him and yet couldn't beat his numbers. had to copy him to beat his numbers recently.
  • He is the ultimate authority among experts, think Justin Goff, Troy Ericson, Jeff Miller, people who have 7-9 figures businesses, and even people who work with big names in the industry like Grant Cardone, Same Ovens...etc
  • The names I mentioned are in his free Facebook group and his NHB plus community, there are waaay bigger names in this mastermind we're group-buying now.
  • Alen charges $5,000 / hour for consults, $25,000-$35,000 for a funnel optimization review (takes me 4 calls), $50,000-$100,000 to build an offer, and $15,000 a month to work with someone. — people happily pay because he delivers.

This is not an affiliate course or whatever, rather,  I'm giving you a little background on him and why participating in this group buy is a no-brainer,

Why is this group buy a no-brainer? 

  • You see, the thing with any course you studied, as I always said — no one will ever give his secrets — a copywriting course from a 7-figures copywriter will tell you what to do and what worked for him/her, how to find a hook, how to get some new ideas...
  • ...but why? why are we using this way? why are we writing this thing? where did it come from?...nothing. Because they're all copying his work.

You can easily spot a fake guru if you know the right questions to ask.

  • When it comes to Alen, my perspective hit a significant challenge because he really means it when he says "Nothing Held Back"...
  • ...He teaches WHY, WHAT, and HOW things work this way and how you can come up with your own way, so whenever things change, you know exactly what to do, instead of buying another course to just keep up...
  • ...We all saw that in the recent A.I evolution, everyone just started creating courses around it with no actual value, nothing special...
  • He teaches how to think rather than limiting your vision to what you should do, and this is likely the LAST course you will pay for, well, maybe when you are making 6-7 figures you will start donating to the community!!


All the knowledge he has from building MULTIPLE 7-9 figures and working with hundreds is inside.

  • No matter what niche you're in, marketing, affiliate, health, photography, designing... literally EVERYONE must study this.
  • Sales, building offers, scaling offers, all of the strategies, tactics, copywriting, upsells, downsells, back end, joint venture promos, psychology, gender psychology, market ratios, formulas etc…(etc, meaning there is a whole lot I didn't mention because there is so much).
  • You know what's even better? you will create your own offer, your very own, out of nothing. turning this chance down means turning millions down...


Even if you don't have anything to sell or to offer, Alen talked about this in a series of posts, how you can make millions even if you have nothing at all, you need to read the first 2 but I'll link to all of them just in case:


This group buy is going to push all of us ahead of the game. let's get it done, we've 7 days before the price increases since he's creating a whole new platform.

Here, an old video that blows my mind, I still go back to it from time to time, titled Authority Handover:

Link: https://odysee.com/12-1-2022-NHB+-Theory-Call---Authority-Handover:d

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/508635450536818

Quoting the sales page:

Fast Forward Mastermind Outcome:

After you go through this program, you’re going to be one of the best in the game, and you’re going to be better than anyone else who’s not in the program.

You’ll be able to see things others can’t see, and do things others can’t do. You’ll have opportunities open up to you never like before.

I just did a project for Caitlin Jenner, working on a Mike Tyson offer, and have Forbes.com as a consulting client and a ton of other A list celebs coming my way and huge companies.

I charge $5,000 / hour for consults, $25,000-$35,000 for a funnel optimization review (takes me 4 calls), $50,000-$100,000 to build an offer, and $15,000 a month to work with someone.

The main reason I can do this in such a wide scope of markets is that I can see things others can't see, which means I can do things others can’t do, and I can innovate in ways others can’t.

And the core reason for that is that I know how to think about innovation, marketing, sales, advertising, human psychology, and more…

That’s what you’ll have at the end, the ability to think and in turn, connect the dots - and you can paint any picture you want.

  • Want to charge clients to give advice? you’ll have it.
  • Want to optimize offers? You’ll be able to do that
  • Want to build your own offers? I got you
  • Want to work with brands? It’ll happen
  • Want to be a CMO / CRO? Consider it done
  • Plus anything else you can imagine when it comes to digital marketing.

You’ll be able to bring anything to me on those hot seat calls, slack or FB groups and ask for advice and get it. So what this means is, you get a client say the client pays you $10,000 a month + gives you equity in a company to be a CMO / CRO, and you’re not sure what to do? Well, bring it to the Fast Forward program, and we’ll do it with you, solve those hard problems and you’ll be a hero to the client, you’ll get results, and in turn, you’ll build your reputation in the game and more and more doors will open.

End of the “short pitch”

The price

it's $20k per year, we will go for the installment option which is $10k upfront, and then $1k each month. This will be easy.

Group Buy Information:

Source: Original Seller

Price: $10000

Pledge: $400

Pledgers Needed: 25

Delivery: Direct mega.nz link

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