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Nexlev - Youtube Automation

Learn what it really takes to become successful with YouTube Automation

YouTube Automation By Nexlev aims to teach you
the fundamentals of YouTube automation
without any fluff.

When it comes to YouTube automation there are many
people that claim they have the magic bullet to success.

While in reality, there is no secret code to YouTube
all you need is a solid understanding of the basics,
Realistic expectations and a good network to help you
navigate your way to the top.

Module 1: Introduction to Youtube Automation
1.1 Course Overview
1.2 What to Expect from Youtube Automation
1.3 How Much to Invest

Module 2: Discovering Profitable Niches
2.1 Supply and Demand on Youtube
2.2 How to Judge If You Found a Good Nice
2.3 Mindset When Searching For Niches
2.4 How to Find Niches with Youtube Incognito
2.5 How to Find Niches with Keyword Scanning
2.6 How to Find Niches thru Social Media
2.7 How to Create Niches thru The Transfer Method
2.8 How to Find Niches thru High Paying Markets
2.9 Find Niches thru ChatGPT + Google Trends

Module 3: Evaluating and Starting Niches
3.1 How to Know If a Niche is Monetizable
3.2 When Do You Start a Niche

Module 4: Testing Channels and Niches
4.1 A/B Testing with Pre-monetized Channels

Module 5: Leveraging Content Formats in Niches
5.1 Why Formats Matter
5.2 Compilations Do’s and Dont’s
5.3 Documentary’s Do’s and Dont’s
5.4 Animation Do’s and Dont’s
5.5 Explainer’s Do’s and Dont’s

Module 6: Goal Setting and Research for Success
6.1 Set Goals
6.2 Why and How
6.3 Research

Module 7: Setting Up Your Youtube Channel
7.1 Basic Youtube Channel Setup

Module 8: Building and Managing Your Team
8.1 Outsource or Do It Yourself?
8.2 Where to Hire What?
8.3 Hiring a Good Script Writer
8.4 Hiring a Good Voice Actor
8.5 Hiring a Good Video Editor
8.6 Hiring a Thumbnail Designer
8.7 Hiring a Team Manager
8.8 Hiring a Good 2D Animator
8.9 Hiring a Good Scheduler
8.10 Should You Hire a Complete Team

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