[Free Download] Jason Capital – The Capital Copywriting Certification Program 2019

Jason Capital – The Capital Copywriting Certification Program 2019

Thank you so much for reaching out about the Capital Copywriting Certification Training!

I’ve been working closely with entrepreneurs and aspiring copywriters the past few months teaching them the $1.5 Billion-Dollar Copy Engine that turns traffic into customers.

So far the results have been amazing. I have two Millionaire Students so far. (Their names are Steven Kieth and Kirby Robbins and Forbes is writing an article about us next month!)

I’d like to work with a few more students and turn them into Case Studies too. (Who knows, maybe you could be my next Millionaire Student.)

We’re going to work closely together over the next 6 weeks to drive your sales and income way up with the $1.5 Billion Dollar Copy Engine. I’m also going to personally certify you as a Certified Capital Copywriter.

Here’s A Few Of The Things You’ll End Up With:

The $1.5 Billion-Dollar Copy Engine driving all of your copy, content and personal branding. You ever wonder why my content is so engaging? This Copy Engine is why.
The #1 skill that’s created more “online millionaires” than any other. Ever wonder why people seem to buy more from your competitors than you? The difference isn’t fame or luck. It’s your competitor’s copywriting. Copywriting is the “words that get cash”. Right now, your competitors are using better “Cash Words” than you. But not for long…
The Copywriting Gameplan I used to go from broke to millionaire in only 9 months. It doesn’t matter if you’re using copywriting for your own business…or to get highly-paid as a “hired gun” for clients. The Copywriting GameplanTM will walk you through how to apply the $1.5 Billion-Dollar Copy Engine to your big goal.
The $1.5 Billion-Dollar Copywriting Checklist so you never have to wonder if your copy is going to convert. The $1.5 Billion-Dollar Checklist will tell you what’s missing…and what to do to fix it. This is especially key if you’re new to copywriting and will shorten your learning curve by 3-5 years.
A power that most people secretly dream of….the power of Covert Persuasion. I’m going to teach you Persuasion Hacks even top sales people and politicians don’t know. You won’t find this information in books or courses. You’ll know the words to say that make prospects want to say yes You’ll know how to create an “online movement”. You’ll know how to get people to do what you want…and have them believe it was their idea.
You must promise to use this power ethically. It can be used to make people do things they shouldn’t.

Here’s How You And I Will Work Together To Make This Happen:

The System: Delivered over 6 weeks via 120 minute pre-recorded trainings. You can watch these trainings at any time, day or night. Work through them fast, or take your time and absorb it all.

The Support: You’ll have access to me 6 days a week where you can get help on anything you’re working on inside a private Facebook Group. The other members, many of whom are already making 6- or 7-figures as Capital Copywriters, are there too giving you feedback. So we expect you to give back and share your wins and lessons with us too.

The Resources: You’ll get access to my private $4 BILLION DOLLAR Copywriting Swipe File. This “private file” contains every one of the Internet’s highest-converting offers for the last 4 years. You’ll never run out of great marketing ideas and campaigns with lifetime access to this marketing treasure chest.


We’ve outlined a short list of the only copywriting books you should read. Without this list, you could spend an extra 3-5 years learning the wrong things. Very important.


Your customer don’t believe every word you say. If they did, they’d buy everything you offer. The secret is infusing your Cash Words with better proof. The better your proof, the better your sales. We’ll cover how to profit off this fact, even if you have no “proof”.


I’ve been mentored by most of the world’s wealthiest copywriters. There’s one trick they don’t reveal in a course or a podcast. They believe it’s too dangerous in the wrong hands. I agree, however…this one copywriting trick has made me millions by itself. I’m going to walk you through the whole thing privately, including several examples of how I’ve successfully used it.


I’m putting on a private event on the beach called the Capital Copywriters Conference. I’m bringing all the Capital Copywriters together so you can create valuable alliances with ambitious people just like you. At the Conference, I’ll also be pulling up the hood on all the copywriting we’re using in my businesses and show you everything.

The Capital Copywriters Conference will not be publicized anywhere and tickets will not be for sale anywhere else.


This will be a personal 30-60 minute phone call for you. You’ll get this at the end of your training to make sure you’re all good for maximum success as a Capital Copywriter.

This is going to be an incredible experience if you’re ready for it. Normally I wouldn’t get to work this closely with you and the reason I’m doing it now is because I’m on the hunt for more millionaire students and case studies. I know giving you this level of attention is the fastest way for me to get that.

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