[Free Download] Nicola Moors – Brand Voice Baller

Nicola Moors - Brand Voice Baller

Brand voice feels like an intangible thing you can’t quite grasp… Yet when a client asks if you can ‘get’ brand voice, you smile with clenched teeth and whisper: “Yes”. It’s not your fault there’s no brand voice encyclopedia or book that maps out what you need to do. But your clients don’t pay you to wing it.

What You Get:

  • 7 modules of bite-sized training videos so you have a simple process and exercises to add personality to copy, nail brand voice and write copy that feels more human (& like your client)
  • Over-the-shoulder walkthrough videos to see how I do it
  • My coveted interview and survey questions to ask your clients the right questions to find their voice
  • Real-life brand voice guide so you know exactly what they look like
  • A plug-and-play voice template so you can spend more time on voice and less on formatting 
  • Step-by-step workbooks packed with exercises, prompts, and tools

You know that nailing brand voice will help you: 

  • ✔ Charge premium rates with an easy process
  • ✔ Book clients easier (and get repeat projects without having to ask)
  • ✔ Feel confident every damn time you share your Google Doc
  • ✔ Crank out copy that actually sounds like your clients and wins them results
  • ✔ Write copy that gets better results because the audience finally feels connected to your client’s personality

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