[Free Download] Payton Clark Smith – SEO and Webflow 2.0

Payton Clark Smith - SEO and Webflow 2.0

"All Webflow designers should understand SEO. This course will show you how to master it, package it and sell it!

This course is the best way to grow your freelance web design business."

Web design projects
can only get you so far

Does this sound familiar?

You're a freelancer working project-to-project
Your income is unpredictable
You can't find enough clients

Learning SEO can solve your freelance nightmares

SEO is the best service you can add to your web design business.

Build recurring income
End the stress of working project-to-project
Make over 6-figures with only 10 clients

Introducing SEO and Webflow 2.0

Learn the skills that took me from struggling freelancer to successful agency owner Making over $40k/mo

Freelancing was much harder than I thought...

In 2018 I started my business and I struggled to find web design clients. When I did, they would never pay me more than $800 bucks for a website. The next month, I was back to square one trying to find a new website project just to stay afloat.

I was working myself to death. 😩

I had serious doubts that I could ever provide a good life for my family as a freelance designer...

I hustled to improve my skills and up my prices (and I did pretty good!).

I started charging $2k and $3k for my website projects and I got a glimmer of hope. 🤩

Then my 1st son was born and I quickly realized how expensive life can get.

I finally accepted the fact that I needed to make some serious changed to my business if I was going to make this work.

So I started to learn SEO...

I bought every course, watched every Youtube video and tested what I learned on my own website.

I spent thousands 💰💰💰...

Then the flip switched! 💡

I started to see that what I was doing was working and I immediately sold my very first SEO client! 🎉

This was my golden ticket!

My monthly revenue quickly grew month over month as I up-sold my web design clients on annual SEO contracts.

I went from $4k per month to over $15k per month in just 6 months time!

This growth didn't stop and now my agency is consistently doing over $40k per month in revenue all while paying an incredible team to execute the work. 💪

I tell you this story because for me, SEO was the missing link.

So, If you aren't hitting your financial goals or struggle with inconsistent income, It WILL be your missing link as well.

This course gives you every teaching, resource, outline and tactic you need to master, package and sell SEO!

If it doesn't, I'll give your money back!

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