[Free Download] Roger Dawson – Secrets of Power Persuasion

Roger Dawson - Secrets of Power Persuasion

Learn the proven success secrets that get other people to see things your way without threats, without bribes, and without manipulation.

Secrets of Power Persuasion is the most comprehensive how-to book ever published on the art of how to get what you want from other people. It is required reading for salespeople, managers, marketing specialists, politicians, parents . . . virtually everyone!

• 8 Magic Keys That Control People
• How to Use Humor to Control Others
• 15 Proven Effective Ways to Make People Believe You
• The Secret to Remembering Names and Faces
• How to Bring Them to Their Knees with Time Pressure
• 8 Ways to Persuade the Angry Person
• 7 Ways to Get Uncooperative People on Your Side
• 8 Verbal Persuasion Ploys
• 12 Ways to Develop a Powerful Charisma

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