[Free Download] Shash Singh – Linx YouTube Ads Course

Shash Singh – Linx YouTube Ads Course

How You Can Leverage The Stunning Power Of Youtube Ads To Increase Traffic, Generate Higher Quality Leads & Convert Them Into Life-Long Customers.

Discover how our students were able to start advertising on Youtube profitably, and scale and grow their businesses
– Better Results Than Facebook Ads
– No Media Buying Experience Required
– Start With A Small Budget
– Don’t Need Super High Quality Videos

Did you know the world’s best marketers leverage Youtube Ads to scale businesses into empires worth Millions of Dollars?

Tai Lopez. Alex Becker. Sam Ovens. Billy Gene. And brands such as Dollar Shave Club & Purple Mattress. All understand the importance of video ads.
If top marketers advertise on Youtube, there’s a good reason you should too.
Why? Because the platform, as you will see, is very powerful. And more importantly, because it’s no longer enough to focus all your efforts on Facebook.
Ads getting disapproved.ad accounts getting shut down.costs skyrocketing and competition becoming fierce are just the tip of the iceberg.
Leads that used to cost $7 a pop years ago now cost at least 20-50% percent more (drawing broad strokes here).
I’ve personally witnessed entire businesses tanking just because they based their entire marketing strategy on one ad account. When that ad account got disapproved, they didn’t know what to do (and asked me for help).
As they say.”Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” This statement is as true as ever, especially when it comes to paid traffic. Well, today I will show you how to put your eggs in multiple baskets. And I will show you how you can leverage the power of Youtube to drum up more business.

How I Went From Scraping By Selling SEO Services To Hitting A Home Run With Youtube Ads & Scaling KinoBody

The SEO I was running for clients made me some money, but definitely not enough to be doing anything other than maybe paying off some bills in our house.
One day, I went to a networking event at Greg O’Gallagher house. You may recognize that name because he’s the founder of Kinobody, a popular fitness brand. We hit it off quite well and I offered to run an SEO audit for him. He agreed, but he also shared with me his excitement for the Youtube platform.
Knowing that I have a knack for online marketing, he asked me to run Youtube Ads for him, in addition to the audit.
As I would later find out, what started as an initial test, turned into a real gold mine. Within 1 week – yes, 7 days – Kinobody started being profitable on Youtube. Within 2.5 weeks we started scaling to 5K/day.
Kinobody’s Youtube success landed him in Vice Magazine, helped him go viral. And even got Google to create a case study on the power of Youtube Ads.

While marketers bang their heads against the wall trying to break the Facebook scaling code, Youtube lets you scale almost overnight.
I’ve lost count of offers we’ve doubled the traffic on in 24 – 72 hours.in some cases, we even tripled and quadrupled budgets in a short amount of time! On Facebook, that’s pretty much unheard of.
On Youtube, all you need to do is tell the platform when and where to increase spend. As you will see shortly, it’s really that easy. Anybody can do it.with the right blueprint.
By the way, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO .

– How To Set Up Google Ads For Youtube
– Setting Up Complete Conversion Tracking
– Youtube Targeting Explained
– Planning And Launching Campaigns
– The Youtube Ads Optimization Process
– Scripting Great Video Ads
– Different Styles Of Youtube Video Ads
– Recommended Video Edits For Your Ads

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