[Free Download] Shruti Pangtey – Digital Product Academy + Video Creator Bootcamp

Shruti Pangtey - Digital Product Academy + Video Creator Bootcamp

You turn off the alarm as you jump out of bed at 10:00 AM.
As you grab your phone, you see a bunch of payment notifications telling you that you made bank WHILE you were asleep.
You get out of bed, make yourself some coffee and then head to your living room to start your work day.
There is no hurry to get anywhere.
No hurry to show up for another dreaded “meeting”.
No more toxic bosses to deal with.
After all you are your own boss now and can make your own schedule.

Here’s what the lessons look like:

  • What are digital products and the 12 best types of products to sell. (value $37)
  •  How to pick your niche to make sure that you make profit and find your product ideas using free tools + Keyword Research tutorial (value $67)
  • The bestseller strategy to ensure that you only create products that are proven to make sales (value $37)
  • Understand how to build your audience online and create buzz before you launch your product (value $37)
  • Using ChatGPT to speed up your product creation & launch process + all the tool recommendations I use in my business (value $37)
  • Creating your product step by step along with our bonus templates + Canva Tutorial (value $67)
  • How to set up the tech, upload your product, deliver the product to customers and accept payments + Stan tutorial (value $67)
  • How to set up your Etsy shop and create your first listing + 40 Free Listings for you (value $67)
  • Selling your product through 3 types of social media content so you can leverage free traffic to make sales 24*7 (value $37)
  • Driving traffic from Pinterest & TikTok to grow your audience even if you are an absolute beginner (value $50)
  • 3 sales strategies anyone can use to boost their sales instantly (value $37)
  • The 5 step income machine formula to go from zero to $10k a month and more by selling digital products (value $47)

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