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Tina Lee - Reels Rocketship

Reels is a content format that allows you to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram. It also has been an AMAZING engagement and growth generator for many accounts, allowing them to SKYROCKET their growth.

Why are they IMPORTANT?

  • Instagram is eager to compete with Tiktok and is giving Reels HUGE real estate on its platform. It has its own explore page which allows for global discoverability
  • Not only does it have its own explore page, but it’s also is shown in-feed, on the explore, in hashtags, and in larger sizes.
  • The algorithm for Reels allows for discoverability and virality that has never been experienced before on the Instagram platform. You can have 100 followers, but still reach 1 million users!
  • Reels are shown at 9:16 proportion, which takes up the entire screen and captures attention far more than regular in-feed posts

Growing on Reels isn’t just a matter of posting whatever you want and randomly the algorithm will bless you with a viral Reel. There is a SCIENCE behind viral Reels and key elements that go into quality Reels that actually perform!

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