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Todd Brown - Unique Mechanism Workshop

Want More Customers? Then You Need A Unique Mechanism.

This is a game changer.

This is one of those game changers that when you get, this forever changed my marketing and today every piece of marketing I do is based on this principal.

The principal that we’re talking about is the unique mechanism. So let’s just define mechanism first.

Mechanism is very simple.

Mechanism is the thing that is within your product or service that allows it to work.

It’s the cause behind how you’re product or service delivers the benefit, the promise, the outcome.

And so today, more so than ever before, what prospects want to know – they not only want to know what your product is going to do for them –

Like what it’s going to change for them, what pain it’s going to alleviate, what good it’s going to give them but they want to know how.

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