[Free Download] Ra Uru Hu – Human Design – THE 64 MATERIAL WAYS Audiobook

Ra Uru Hu - Human Design - THE 64 MATERIAL WAYS Audiobook

Human Design offers tools for well-being through Strategy and Authority. But what about when it comes to sustaining financial health?
Having the necessary resources is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, and everyone is meant to attract what they need on the material plane. By looking at your BodyGraph as a roadmap to financial well-being, you can discover where the potential for attracting money is based on your “Profit Centers”, and Gate activations.
This course provides both a thorough description of the 64 paths to money, as well as a guided tour of the BodyGraph’s Nine Profit Centers.
The 64 Material Ways includes 8 hours and 30 minutes of Ra Uru Hu exploring Human Design’s view of the material world, focusing on each Center and Gate’s potential for attracting money, and now includes a 175-page illustrated eBook transcript (here’s a sample)! This one of a kind course is a comprehensive look at how we are designed to fulfill our financial needs in ways we can trust.

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