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Todd Brown S.I.N. Offer Protocol Training

From: Todd Brown

West Palm Beach, Florida
If you're in a saturated, packed market...

...this can be a bonafide game-changer for you.

With it, you may quickly become an envied authority in your marketplace...
Someone who others talk about as having "impressive expertise"...
With such marketplace recognition and status, you're one of the rare experts enjoying...

a steady flow of
high-quality new clients
to choose from...

Because the strategy I'm going to tell you about is working right now -- in some of the most competitive marketplaces -- to bring-in premium new buyers every day for ordinary experts...

Even for those who have mediocre marketing and no industry credibility, yet are now seeing absolutely astonishing business growth.

Sound interesting?
If so, you're about to understand why...
In the next 96 hours alone this one "marketing tweak" can bring you ahefty spike of new sales... followed by consistent, daily new sales... from new clients, customers, or students who...

See YOU as the clear
top choice in your marketplace!

And, in minutes you can apply this tweak to any of your marketing campaigns...
Without changing any other piece or part of your marketing...

  And... it PROVES to prospects why they should "do business" with you... and PROVES why you're the superior choice over every other option they have.

In more official marketing terms:
You can start getting daily new buyers at a high-conversion rate... lowering your cost of generating new sales... making paid traffic affordable and profitable for you....
Just like it has for Doug and so many other experts...
And this strategy -- what you're about to see -- is working in many of the most saturated markets right now.
So, no matter what market or niche you want to become successful and known within, this will work for you.
It's even producing a large influx of new buyers for experts with average to below-average marketing campaigns.
So even if you don't have "high-level marketing chops", you can still use this to see consistent daily sales.
What I'm talking about is...

A Unique Offer Construction & Presentation Method:

It's not only a very different wayof constructing a high conversion offer around your expertise...

It's also a unique way of presenting the offer...

...which makes it immediately apparent to prospects that they would be foolish to pass-up on your offer.

Simply put, it's a...

  • Different way of engineering your offer...
  • ​Different way of presenting your offer...
And, without question, it's...

the easiest way on earth to
make your marketing generate
more sales and new buyers

Hi. My name is Todd Brown.
You may recognize my name...
I'm the marketing advisor other well-known marketing experts come to when they need help with their own campaigns.
Most of the funnel experts you see today at one point were my students.
And it's been said, I've helped engineer more six and seven-figure marketing campaigns for clients than any other expert on the planet.
Fact is...
With entrepreneur clients and students in over 45 different countries, bringing-in almost a combined billion-dollars in annual sales...
I've seen every type of marketing campaign, tactic, and strategy under the sun.
So, I know what works to generate sales...
And, more importantly, what doesn't, and why.
While tons of experts struggle to make the typical sales funnel models work for their business...
I've yet to see the S.I.N. Offer Protocol not work within a campaign to produce a consistent increase in monthly new buyers.
Not only that...
It seems to be generating an immediate spike of new sales for almost every expert who tries it.
And that's because it's an easy, fast way to absolutely nail THE most important piece in all of your marketing...

Get This WRONG... And Nothing Else
Can Make Your Marketing Work

Every successful expert, entrepreneur, and marketer knows...
Your offer makes or breaks the success of your marketing efforts.
Aside from your audience, your offer is the single most important element of your marketing campaign.
It can mean the difference between you seeing a random trickle of sales... or... a steady wave of new buyers.
Your offer...
Not your headline.
Not your story.
Not your credentials.
Not your testimonials.
No. None of those.
And this is why, when it comes to direct marketing and driving response…
Your... offer... is... EVERYTHING!

the most accomplished
marketing experts agree...

Fact is:
Even if you have a great marketing message... and a gorgeous funnel... with everything powered by the best marketing automation technology...
None of those things will overcome a weak or ordinary offer in your campaign.
In other words, the conversions and sales volume you enjoy will always be a direct reflection of the quality of your offer.
It doesn't matter how great or smart or results-oriented you or your expertise is...
You have an average, ordinary offer; you'll only ever experience average, ordinary sales.
Plain and simple:
The magic is in understanding how to construct THE RIGHT OFFER for your marketplace.
But that's not all.
You also need to understand...

How To Present Your
"Right Offer" The Right Way!

Constructing the right offer is only half the puzzle.
What your offer is or includes is only one piece which can make or break your marketing efforts.

 You also need to understand how to best frame and present your offer after it's constructed properly.

Present your offer to your prospect incorrectly, or even a little off, and you, your sales, and your business suffer.
You must have the "right offer"... AND.... the "right presentation" of that offer.
This is why legendary ad man, Bob Stone, preached...
Not sure what Bob means by "the manner in which an offer is presented"?
Well, take a look at this little example below...

Do You Know Which Of These

Price Presentation Approaches Works Best?
Look at this list below of discount statements which could be part of an overall offer...
Each one presents the same discount offer...
But each one uses different words... different positioning... different framing to present the price.
Same pricing offer; different price presentation.

How Big Of A Difference Does
Offer Presentation Like This Make?

According to Bob Stone, testing to the same audience proves one of those price presentations above produces a WHOPPING 40% INCREASE in sales conversions.
(Hint: No. 2)
That means... you could be losing-out on a lot of sales simply by how you're presenting your offer.
And that's just the impact of how you present price in your offer.
What about the impact of how you construct and present all the other pieces of your offer?...
You can see why Pat Friesen, the first woman Direct Marketer of the Year, says...
And this is why, today, with everything going on in the economy... the level of competition online we all have online... and the widespread skepticism of prospects...

Having An "Irresistible Offer"

Is No Longer Enough!
Not today...
Not if you're in a competitive or crowded marketplace...
And not if you want to make it easy for your prospects to see why they should choose you over every other option they have.
And, don't fool yourself...
Your prospects have lots of other options to choose from besides paying you.
They can choose a competitor... they can keep doing what they've been doing... or... they can simply do nothing.
You should NEVER... ever... underestimate the task of getting your prospects to choose to spend money with you.
Please recognize...
Your prospects have a crazy high level of doubt and skepticism today.
So it takes extreme, extraordinary measures to move lots of people to spend money with you.

The Most Effective Offer is...

So, what's the most effective way to construct and present an offer.... that busts through this wall of hesitation and distrust?...
...that makes it immediately apparent to prospects why they should choose you over every other option?...
...that makes it clear why prospects would be foolish to pass-up on the chance to spend money with you?

Having A S.I.N. Offer
Makes YOU Incomparable!

A S.I.N. Offer is NOT simply an "irresistible offer".
Look: Every expert worth their weight in salt has heard about having an irresistible offer.
Because the idea of an irresistible offer is everywhere today. It's all over.
So everyone knows it.

A S.I.N. Offer Is Different
Because Of This...

It's more than just an irresistible offer.
The S.I.N. Offer Protocol is a method for constructing the most attractive offer in your marketplace... and...
A way of presenting this potent offer so prospects find it to be an absolute no-brainer to say yes to you.
And that's really just the tip of the iceberg.
Because it does so much more.
In fact, here are...

8 Things Having A S.I.N. Offer
Does For You In Your Marketing:

  • Proves why prospects should spend money with you!
  • ​Demonstrates why you're the superior choice in your market!
  • ​Makes it a no-brainer for prospects to say YES to you!
  • ​Generates more revenue for you from new sales!
  • ​Brings you more new clients/buyers!
  • ​Decreases your customer acquisition costs!
  • ​Makes growing your business with paid traffic affordable and profitable!
  • ​Increases the perceived value of your knowledge so you can charge more... and get it!
And, one of the coolest parts of this method...
You can leave 90% of your existing marketing as it is.
That's right. You only need to tweak one section of your marketing.
So putting the S.I.N. Offer Protocol to work is quick and easy.
So, you can have your own S.I.N. Offer launched and bringing you new buyers in as little as a few hours. A day at the most.
And you'll find every step of constructing and presenting your S.I.N. Offer inside this brand new training...

Maximize Your Sales Conversions:

The S.I.N. Offer Protocol Training
Please understand:
It's taken me almost two decades of in-the-trenches direct response marketing experience to discover and develop what you'll find in this training.
Not too mention, millions of dollars invested in advertising... with thousands of clients and students... .just to confirm this really is...

The Most Powerful System For
Constructing & Presenting

An Incomparable Offer!

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